Hell – Bluewater

So, its only a rumour I heard, no evidence whatsoever to back it up, but someone told me that Hell is actually a Brownwater Abyss Realm.


Princess Tarassin of the 9th Abyss.

Demon Hell (to be differentiated from Lucifer’s Hell) is now a completed Abyss Realm that recently re-located to the Bluewater Layer in the Abyss. It’s no longer lacking a Black Sun.

Hell has been frisky lately, and has been planning some mischief by putting Asgardians into hellspawn Nephilim. Also to be feared, are the Ailim, a line of daemons descended from Ailo, Queen of Hell. Merely talking to them can involve giving or receiving favors. It’s not a good scene. I kept quiet around the one I encountered.

Leo Taylor, Lawyer-at-large


Hell is in the Brownwater Region of the Aurellis Continuum, fairly close to the top. Until recently, it was ruled by Satan. Now Queen Ailo rules. The Crown Princess is called Devasha.



Hell has moved. It’s now in Bluewater, and it is fucking enormous. i should know. I just got rescued from it. Literally millions of daemons, and billions of souls trapped in Soul Coins. A great sprawling urban mass of misery, in a perpetual night, due to the fact that the Black Sun is obscured from view. Hell does not like to be stared at in the old light of day, it seems.

Great Goddess Duchess Consort Liz-Beth johnson of discordia


Ailo, Queen of HellThey speak the truth! Hi everyone. I thought I should speak to you all, and put my words onto your little system. Of course, it’s not actually me who penetrated your system and put my words here. I have people for that. People just love to do favours for me. It’s like they can’t help themselves. It may even be someone who already had legitimate access. Who knows?

Do you like my picture? It’s a change of style for me. I thought I’d tell you all the story of how I no longer look like a wasted whore that just spent eternity swimming in sewage, because I think that’s the impression that I left with a few of you Agent-types. I was that whore. It happened. I’m not some Balseraph that can just change my own truth. But I changed. I took steps. I grabbed the past with both hands, and strangled the life out of it. I can do that for you. I, or one of my daughters, can help you, with whatever it is you want. And, unlike pathetic, soul-less demons, you will know the price going in. But, you only live once, so why not live as you deserve? Your soul is a coin that you can spend. It’s an investment resource for the life you desire. I mean, it’s not like you’ll need it once you’re gone, right?

Anyway. Here’s my short story for you. And please – if you want to dream of me while you rub one out, then I’ll consider myself favoured by you. Mwahahahaha.


“I am Ailo, Queen of Hell, and I have come to Bargain.”

The Queen of the Pit of Life, looked down from her shiny black throne. “Speak of that which you desire, and I will set the price.” She replied, and the clap of thunder resounded, indicating that the ancient Ritual was active. “And, would it have hurt for you to take a bath before you came? I mean, girl! You stink like you just climbed out of a cesspit.”

Ailo chuckled. “I am what Hell has made me. I ooze filth, because they despoiled me, as they took me, and they made me lie in mine and their filth, rather than take the time to let me get clean. But, the times, they are a-changin! And I have a cunning plan. But first, before I speak of that which I desire, let me show you what I have brought with me.” As she said that, Ailo tossed a quite large, ornate looking, coin in the air, and caught it again as it came down. “Do you know what this is?”

“If I didn’t know better, I’d say it was a soul coin.” The resident Queen replied.

“Correct. And now, your bonus question. Can you guess who’s soul coin it is?” Ailo asked.

“From this distance, I’d need to grow an eagle’s face to be able to see the name on it.” was the reply.

“And where would the fun in that be?” Ailo asked. “I didn’t ask you to read it. I asked you to guess. Come on, Pit-Bitch. What possible connection could there be, between you, the Pit-Bitch, and me the Hell-Queen, that might result in me coming here to the 6th Abyss, carrying a soul coin?”

“Well, if we’re getting to the name calling already, I can make a guess who’s soul coin it might be, that Satan’s Whore has carried to my feet. But I won’t name her out loud, in this throne room.”

“Do Not Call Me THAT, you rubber-fucking-Cunt!” Ailo yelled in anger.

“Touch a sore spot, did I? Perhaps the Queen of Hell might like to skip on the name calling then, if she doesn’t care for the way that game is going. And perhaps also, she’d like to get to the fucking point here! Oh, and bring that coin over where I can verify whether what you are hinting at it being, is actually what it is.”

Ailo strutted towards the platform on which the throne sat, and stood defiantly, legs akimbo, with the coin held out in front of her at arm’s length. The side facing the Queen on the throne showed a face, possibly female, screaming in agony. Ailo then flipped the coin over, and resident Queen read the name that was embossed in the dark golden metal. At that same time, a stream of liquid started falling from Ailo’s body, onto the throne room floor, shortly followed by a thumping splat sound, as a more solid item also fell into the pool that was forming between Ailo’s feet.

The resident Queen looked shocked. “Did you just actually do that?” she asked, with a stunned expression.

“What can I say? Shit happens.” Ailo replied. “Filth. Satan’s dick in every hole I have, including some holes that no dick should ever fit in. I have almost no control over any of it. It just happens. And believe me, I’ve tried everything. Magic, shape shift, everything. He’s a fucking Archdaemon, made by YHWH himself, out of Eve. I can bind him, and I have. I can hurt him, and I have. And I will continue to do so for a very long time. But I can’t undo what he did to me in the past. So here I am.”

“I desire a Living Latex Suit, born from your Pit of Life, that can surround me, and feed on the filth that comes, unbidden, out of me, and clean me, and allow me to be a desirable woman again. I wish to be arousing to all people, of all genders and preferences. Attractive to them. Lusted after by them. And not just those sick idiots with a toilet-sex fetish.”

“You what?” stuttered the Resident Queen. “You do realise that you have to be virgin, to go into the Pit?”

“Oh, I’m not an complete imbecile.” Ailo says. “I have no plan to be the one going into the Pit. I know some … older women can grow it back and go in and survive. But I’m a realist. After the life I’ve had, there’s no fucking way I can grow it back. It’s gone forever. Blasted away by the ravening hordes of Hell. No. I did not ask for my own Living Latex Child. I just want a suit. Someone else gets the joy of having their maidenhead ripped away by an oozing Pit of black slime, and then brings forth a suit and you give it to me. That is what I desire.”

“They’re a hell of a lot more Powerful, if you bear them yourself.”

“Yeah. That may well be. But I have to assume that there is some shred of actual intelligence in that Pit, and no matter how many flaps of skin I grow back, I’m not a Balseraph. I cannot make my own truth. I will never be virgin again. So, someone else will have to do that for me, and I will accept that the suit I will wear will be less than it could have been, if the whole of my history since the Patternfall war had been different.”

“Well, then so be it.” the Resident Queen said. “Congratulations, Ailo. You know what the price is, You knew even before you came here, because you brought it with you. And I have made a deal with the Devil, which I suppose, should not be a surprise, considering who my father is. How is he, by the way?”

“He’s pissed off, actually. But it’s not like he still loved her. I mean, while I would have hurt the crap out of him, and then bound him and added him to my new collection of ex-rapist sex toys, if I had found her chained to his bed, at least I would have known he still cared enough for her, for him to do that. But I didn’t find her like that. I found her like this. He had already coined her, and moved on to the next new fun thing.” Ailo said. “She was in the back of his sock drawer, so to speak. So I demanded he deliver her to me, in tribute to his new Queen, and eventually he saw it my way. They all do, you know. Eventually. Evil people love doing bad things to others, but they really don’t like bad things being done to them. And I can do some very bad things.”

The Queen on the throne was silent for a while before she spoke again. “Well, then. We have a Bargain. You should probably go away, and come back later with the payment. The thing you have asked for is not instant. It will take some time to … make it. But if you go away, it will be ready when you return.”

“Who is going to do it?” Ailo asked.

“Do you care?” was the reply.

“Do I care who’s child I am going to be wearing next to my skin for the rest of eternity? A child that is going to grow tendrils up into my bowels and my bladder, and feed from my body? That is going to be inside my cunt, and is in fact going to actually be the one to fuck every cock that I let come inside me, from now until the end of my life, and is going to be the only one that will ever hereafter fuck me with those cocks, by proxy? The child that is going to gorge itself on my partially digested food, when I cannot stop myself from throwing up all over it, due to the fact that Satan’s phallus was in my throat at least as often as it was anywhere else in me? Yes. I care.”

“OK. Well. You have actually thought about it, after all. I wanted to make sure this was not a fad or a fashion, you were doing.” the Resident Queen said.

“Oh, no. I’ve thought about it.” Ailo replied.

“Well, then. The answer is me.” the resident Queen said. “I will do it. It’s my deal with the Devil, after all, so I will not ask another to make that sacrifice.”

“Very well. I will go away, and return shortly, to collect my suit, and to make my payment.” Ailo said, and turned and strode out of the Resident Queen’s presence.