Dr. Madalyne Kathryn Kole

Occupation: Practicing Psychotherapist, Late Night Talk Show Host, Former Miss Louisiana

Father: Honoured Prince Landor Yorke (unknown)

Mother: Princess Sunflower “Kingmaker” Angelos (unknown)

Relatives: Damien Kole (Full Brother), Michael Kole (Full Brother, deceased),Kole-Leon Children (Nieces and Nephews: Michael Jonathan, Jackson Damien, Lillian Grace, Chance Sunflower, Tomas Remy), Jackson Warren (cousin), Michele of Parys (Half sister), Lys Angelos (Half Sister), Baby Ray (Child with Despil — largely unknown), William Bell (Half brother?)

Race: Cornelian

Aliases: Maddy Kate

Abilities (largely unknown at this time)Shape Shifting (may have demon form), Psychoanalytical Perception (possibly cortexiphan induced), Bloodbond Mindscaping, Candidate for the Animus (?)

Known Skills: Supernaturally Gifted Psychoanalyst, Pharmacist, Herbalist, Enhanced Drug/Alcohol Tolerance, Baton Twirling, Piano, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Modelling


Maddy is the youngest child of the Kole family of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. When her older brother Michael (twin brother to Damien) was killed in a boating accident, her mother, Roxanne, diverted all of her attention to her young daughter, shaping her into a perfect little pageant girl.   Maddy won Miss Louisiana at age 18, and gained the attention of a modeling agency.  In the following six months she was featured on the covers of many magazines and seemed poised to become the next IT girl of the modeling world, but she had also discovered a number of new pleasures which had been denied to her during her upbringing, namely: booze, drugs, partying, and sex. She woke up one morning in a pile of sleeping bodies with her first tattoo and a few weeks later she featured rather prominently in a Girls Gone Wild: Mardi Gras Edition video. Her antics with a baton made the video the company’s all time best seller. The Pageant Commission demanded she return her crown, and offers from most of the reputable companies she had worked with previously began to dry up. They even pulled her Max Factor commercial off the air.

Maddy burned her last bridge at home when she had a blow up with the parents which ended in her vomiting tequila and amphetamines all over her father’s collection of collegiate football memorabilia. They kicked her out and cut her off, in much the same way they had with Damien years before. She dyed her hair, got several more tattoos, and moved to L.A. She tended bar for a while until she got work as a video vixen. She was the poster girl for the metal band Tantrick for a while, and dated their lead singer, Rob Sly. A sex tape surfaced on the internet which propelled the band to new heights, but pressure from the label to clean up their act forced Sly and Maddy to split. She was bored anyway.

The attention she gained from the videos and her popularity in the L.A. club scene got her a gig as a late night talk show in M.T.V. after hours time slot. Speakeasy with Maddy Kate was an instant success. She had a way of getting her guests to open up, doing and saying things which they never would otherwise. Sometimes that meant career suicide, but others found interest in them skyrocket once the show aired. Speakeasy featured guests getting ripped with the hostess, and undertaking viewer challenges. The show also featured Songs from the City, where the unsigned bands of a specific city would be showcased for an entire week.

Around this time she met and was spending a great deal of time with a man with a very unusual name: Despil. She had finally met someone who could hang with through an all-nighter, no matter what they were doing. As she began to see more and more of him, she shirked many of her responsibilities and the show went on “indefinite hiatus”. Despil took her around the world, and showed her things, did things with her, that she had never imagined. For a woman with her imagination, that’s saying a lot. Maddy’s hard partying ways eventually caught up with her. Despil disappeared, and she fell on hard times. When she discovered she was pregnant she went on a total bender. The next morning she woke up in a hotel room with three dead guys, and pieces of them stuck under her new claws and between her teeth.

Despil showed up, and took care of her through the pregnancy. He was really great to her, but she began to realize that other than the sex, they didn’t have a lot in common.  Maddy had decided to get out of the relationship as soon as the baby was born. Something happened though… after the kid was born she ended up in a very strange place with the very blond Despil and his very, blacker than black Dad, the Duke of Something or Other. Duke Daddy said there was no way he was going to let a drugged out hippy (Jeeze…show your age much, dad?) raise an heir to the power of blahdeblah. So he took Baby Ray. Despil…said nothing.

The next thing Maddy knew she was standing out on a Juneau street in forty below with a pair of daisy dukes [Tim! What is with the daisy dukes??] and a tube top on. She had a license to practice psychotherapy in her back pocket. She set up shop in a little office with a climate controlled hydroponic set-up in the basement for growing “herbs”. Her methods were unorthodox, and there’s no way they could have flown in the lower 48 without her getting brought up on malpractice charges, but she found it fun, rewarding, and interesting to help people out with their mental problems.

Then Damien dropped in with his new wife. He was cleaned up too, and seemed to really have his head on straight for once. His wife was a hot little brunette with an aura of danger around her. Just the sort of girl to keep her bro in line. They told her about all the crazy shit they had been up to in the past few years, and suggested that she move to a place called Animus to learn more about the larger world hiding out of sight in the shadows. There was just one catch….Despil was living there. She was nervous about seeing her ex, but she had outgrown Juneau months ago, and was definitely ready for something bigger and brighter.

She was surprised to find that she was now aunt to the Kole-Leon brood, and that got her thinking about her own little Baby Ray. Maybe… it was time to pay Despil a visit and let him see the new her…



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