Tom Brady

Servant of Calamity Tom Brady was a human who died owing debt to Lizbeth

Psychic Power Slightly Above Amber
Strength Slightly Above Amber
Endurance Slightly Above Amber
Combat Ability Well Above Amber
Presence Above Amber
Additional Powers Broken Pattern, Sorcery, Ritual Magic
Current Known Status At Large

Tom Brady was the President of Paradiso during his human lifetime, but after the fall of Paradiso, when he died, he had not discharged all his debt to Lizbeth, and thus is now a demon.

One comment

  1. Paradiso didn’t fall. It shattered. I was there. I almost didn’t make it out. The world was an awful place and Tom Brady shares the blame for how bad it was, but I’m still sorry for my part in the destruction.

    If an entire world dies horribly around him and someone as despicable as Tom Brady can still come back as a demon then we really need to focus on capturing our enemies so we can keep them out of circulation rather than just killing them.

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