The Department of Agriculture

This department of the government, known as the F.D.A. has the responsibility of ensuring that the population of the Federation has adequate food supplies for the military and all financially viable Federation citizens. Those persons who are sent to the F.D.A. due to either their academic failings, or the inability to find means to sustain themselves in adult life underpin the efforts of the F.D.A. to feed the Federation.

It should be noted that the F.D.A. has the right of forage in foreign parts to supplement the food supply within the Federation. It should also be noted that any felons sent to the F.D.A. will become part of the Federation food program.

Procedures are instituted such that F.D.A. certified Fine Meat is of the highest standards of both flavour and nourishment value. F.D.A. certified Fine Steak is the premium product, with F.D.A. certified Fine Burgers and F.D.A. certified Fine Sausages also guaranteed to be sourced entirely from within the F.D.A program.

The F.D.A. is also responsible for quality certification on beef, lamb, pork, turkey and chicken meat products, and also for a hybrid range of processed meat products where other meats are fortified with F.D.A. Fine Meat. Meat products in this category are designated as F.D.A. Approved, such as the range of F.D.A. Approved Hybrid Beef Burgers. F.D.A. Approved Hybrid products will never contain less than 10% Fine Meat by uncooked weight.

The F.D.A. is responsible for the running and administration of all Fine Meat processing facilities, and has a duty to ensure that sufficient facilities are available to process all available Fine Meat in any given state within the Federation.

In recent times, due to the demand for Fine meat far outstripping the available resources, the FDA has been granted the right to license and administer the further breeding of Fine stock from available Fine herds prior to processing. Licenses can be granted to any Man or Emancipated Woman, who can demonstrate sufficient resources to provide the necessary facilities to keep and breed Fine stock.

Fine breeding herds comprise only adult female stock in prime condition. All other stock must be sent for meat processing upon maturity. All Fine breed stock must be pre-processed to ensure that the breed mares are not in any way distressed by the breeding process, and the new bred stock assessed at the 5 year point, to determine if it is suitable to enter the general population, or be processed to remain in the Fine herds.