Located on the Outside, at first sight Edwardiana seems to be a standard Shadow Earth variant that is still in the first decade of the 20th Century. Edwardiana was the name given to the Shadow when those from St. James first became aware of its existence. The inhabitants simply refer to it as ‘Earth’.

Originally considered to be something of a backwater and of little significance, recent discoveries may prompt a re-evaluation of its status.

Its location is to be found at the centre of a heavily demon-populated region of Shadow and yet there is little demon activity present on Edwardiana itself. In a similar way, Edwardiana has a high magical quotient and a high concentration of ley lines, but there are few mages or any other ‘awakened’ individuals.

Its current technological level is about par with that one who normally expect for its time period, and it has been determined that Shadow could support elements of 1930’s technology. One known anomaly is the lack of detectable X-rays and higher energy parts of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Although Edwardiana’s history seems to follow the norm for Shadow Earth types, it is clear that its future will not. This is due to an ongoing invasion by the Federation. Being largely oblivious to the off shadow powers that exist and caught completely unawares, the United States was lost to the Federation before any serious resistance by the Shadow’s inhabitants was initiated.

The main resistance to the Federation’s advance here are the forces of the British Empire, aided by a group of powerful individuals from Edwardiana and elsewhere.

The current status of the War and the outcome is unclear at this present time.


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