Armand Becker


Armand looks to be in his early thirties. Standing around 6’0″, weighing maybe 180lb, he has the fit physique one would expect from a soldier. He has dark blond hair, bordering more on red than it used to in certain lights, and intense blue eyes that he obviously inherited from his father – and ultimately, his ancestor Bleys. There is also a noticeable scar over his left eye. In his Trump, he is wearing a light beard – or maybe dark five o’clock shadow, which does little to hide his relative youth.

Instead of the uniform he would previously have worn, he’s now pictured in civvies: a blue denim shirt, grey waistcoat and dark jeans. From the background, he is obviously standing in an archway within some kind of wood-pannelled manor house, or similar building. His posture is still pretty straight backed, although now it has less of a feeling that he’s at parade-ground ease and more one of growing confidence in his own abilities. He is looking directly at the artist, with a trace of a smile on his lips.

Astral Form

Armand’s astral form throws off his day-to-day military demeanour, and is very much a teenager on his way to the beach. His hair is longer than in his waking form, and seems sun lightened from his usual dark blond, and he appears wearing a loose white t-shirt, grey below-the-knee-shorts with lots of pockets, and is barefoot.


Armand is a very gifted commander of men (and women), both at the grand strategy level, and in more small-unit operations. He is competent with weapons, but has a particular affinity for swords of various different kinds, and has fenced at an international level. He is also a very good shot with both firearms and bows.


Off the battlefield, he is effortlessly charming, making him very popular with the ladies, and has a knack for getting people to do what he wants. He enjoys the spotlight, and for a while was literally a poster boy for the Reich, starring in a number of motivational and propaganda films.

He is known to be both a ritualist, using a Celtic-based tradition, and a sorcerer with a speciality in battle sorcery.

He has recently been granted an Animate, which he’s named Solo.

His hobbies including sketching a bit, playing the piano, and he’s a bit of a movie geek, especially Science Fiction and Fantasy.

About Armand

Armand is the son and heir of Wolf Ulrich and the grandson of Ian, Lord Mayor of Amber, and it’s obvious to those who’ve met them that Wolf is very fond of him. Armand has also recently had confirmation that his mother is a daughter of Fiona’s, and that along with the revelation that his maternal grandfather was yet another Helgram has led him to the conclusion that he has way too few ancestors for any normal gene pool.

He was born in the Reich, and brought up within the GGR Lebensborn System, where he was in the same platoon as Artur Acker, who remains his closest friend. After graduation, he went into the GGR Waffen-SS, where he served in the special forces, undertaking a number of covert operations. During his time serving the Reich, he discovered a previously unrealised talent for leading troops at a higher level than just a mere captain, and was suitably rewarded for his actions, being promoted to the rank of Gruppenführer. Eventually he was transferred from the Inside to  Sanguine, where he remained a senior Waffen-SS officer, and started getting to know the Outside.

When the Animus was Created by Lord Jonathan, helped by Rupert Delatz, the question of security came up: how many people would want to try to use this new realm like a football, the way they do Haven. Rupert offered Lord Jonathan the use of a significant number of Reich troops, and when the offer was accepted, Armand was appointed Commander of those forces. He works closely with Lauren and the other defenders, and recently attended the Libria Training Programme. With the expected departure of Matilda for Parys (at the time), and by agreement with Rupert, he is now officially a Defender of Animus, and was asked by Katerina to step in for Lauren in her current difficulties – a request that has been confirmed by Lord Jonathan.

With respect to Reich politics, he is a card carrying member of the Party, but the card hasn’t come out of his wallet recently. Not at all, in fact, since he moved to Animus, where he’s pretty much gone native. He used to speak English with a distinct German accent, but due to his time in Animus, that is now somewhat milder.