Queen Divine Ráichéal

Goddess of LivIng Water, queen of Aequor

Water is the bringer of life. Water is the bringer of death. Out of water came the first life, and water will take away the last breath. Blessed are those who drink the water of life. Blessed are those who drown in the water of death.

These are ancient words, brought forward from ages before time began. Thanks to the Temple of Living Water, these words will now also have meaning in the Empire, and the Power of Living Water will be there for those who believe in it, and dedicate their lives to the Living Waters.

You will see in my image, that I regularly wear a black collar. Normally in the Empire, this indicates an individual who’s life is outside of their own control. Such it is with the followers of Living Water. The water flows, and we know not where it will go, but we must allow ourselves to be swept along with it, if we are to gain the benefit of it’s Power. My Temples are open to all who seek to submerge themselves in the flow.

Because that is where the flow led me, I have now become one with Marcelle of Aequor, and by the mingling of our Waters, they are now saved, and Aequor is once more under strong leadership. And the Seas are no longer always the Killing Seas. But beware, for fresh Water will also take the unwary. Water is the bringer of life. Water is the bringer of death.