The Technocracy and the Machine

The Technocracy

In previous times, the Technocracy formed the Centre Power of the Inside continuum, located halfway between Sable and Aurellis. Since the events of the Lighthouse Time Paradox, this is no longer the case. The Technocracy has not benefitted from the change. The Nexus, from which the Technocracy derives its power, is now located in Veil 100 North of the Inside, and is a single-iteration Power, instead of the previous four-Interation (well, three and the Machine) one.

The Technocracy has the look and feel of a high-tech cyberpunk-style urban jungle, with soaring skyscrapers and constant data communications. It is ruled primarily by the Secondary Technocrat, Helena Maria-Latz, since her father, Andrew, has moved Outside.

With respect to the Outside, the Technocracy’s interests are upheld by Prime Technocract Andrew de Lacy, who spends most of his time on the external related world of Seconde.

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New Oceania/The Machine

The Machine is the dark alternate of the Technocracy. Previously, it was a powerhouse in its own right. Since the Paradox, however, the Machine and its ally New Oceania are much more closely linked. Physically, they are located on the opposite side of Veil 100 North in the Inside from the Technocracy.

In simple terms, the combination of New Oceania and the Machine is best described as a cross between George Orwell’s 1984 and the Borg from Star Trek.

With respect to the Outside, given that the Machine technology works just fine, and is spread over many worlds, it is assumed that there is some kind of gateway world. For the want of a better name, this is being referred to by the name Ex Machina.

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