Magic in Aurellis

There are mainly four kinds of magic that exist in Aurellis. Of course, for anyone grounded in the real world, obviously no kinds of magic exist. But lets pretend…

Of these flavours of magic – only witchcraft can be undertaken by absolutely anybody. All the others have restrictions that are genetic in nature – you need to be the ‘right type of person’ to undertake them. From the answers to questions in the character quiz, and from play as it evolves in the game, the GM will determine if any particular character has the necessary genetics to deal with the higher forms of magic.


The practice of witchcraft is both the lowest and the highest of magics, in that it is truly universal. Anyone can undertake it, and almost anything is possible with it. The only drawback is that doing anything with witchcraft is a bit of a ritual. Literally.

Witchcraft involves the long winded process of preparing a working space, preparing instruments and ingredients, performing actions, uttering words in both understandable, and long unfathomable tongues, in some cases making sacrifices, and eventually an effect outside of the ‘normal realms of science’ is caused.

Learning ritual magic is not easy. For one thing, finding a reliable and competent teacher can be difficult. Then there is the available source material from which to learn  – and finally there’s that little stigma that a significant proportion of organised religions throughout existence will declare those who practice witchcraft as ‘hellspawn followers of Satan’ and treat them accordingly.

Also – another drawback with witchcraft is that to get any really significant effects to happen takes bucket-loads of magical energy, and that only comes through having really elaborate long winded rituals involving whole bunches of participating people, that go on for ages, and have increasingly more opportunities for errors the more elaborate they get. Oddly enough, that doesn’t stop people trying…


Sorcery is the highly technical, almost scientific form of magic that is the province of wizards. There are many tomes and courses on this magic, and indeed reference to the link Sable Magic System will give far more detail on the subject than this humble GM ever wishes to write.

All magic takes energy, and in the case of sorcery, that energy comes from the individual who is casting the spell. So, in general, the sky is a little bit over the limit. But sorcery is such a well researched subject, in the places where such things are known at all, that there are a really significant number of quite powerful things that can be done with sorcery.

It goes without saying that there are no known colleges of magic on Earth where Sorcery can be learnt. Or are there…

Ley Magic

Some have theorised that the universe is but one manifestation of existence, and that there are an infinity of other universes, inaccessible to the normal principles of science, but nonetheless present in the minds of the inspired few special people.

If this were the case, then it could be theorised that there are lines of energy running between these many different universes, and it could be again theorised that if there are lines of energy running everywhere, perhaps that energy can be tapped for magical uses?

Well – yes it can. Exceedingly powerful effects can indeed be generated by tapping into ley-lines. The only problem is – not everyone can detect and use ley-lines. In fact – its a pretty select group that can – and not a very popular group either, in the great multiversal scheme of things.

Demons. There – I said it. Ley magic is Demon magic. Sorry folks – there’s no nice way to gloss over that one.

What – you mean you can see ley-lines?


Perhaps your someone hasn’t been completely honest with you about your origins…

Wild Magic

Forget all this rubbish about alternate universes. What about the old magics?

Well – yes. Some people will tell you that there have always been places and things that have held special powers. A quick trip round Scotland or Ireland, and you’ll get an inkling of the power that could lie beneath the hills of an Old Country. The power to move mountains, hide forests, even to alter time…

Thing is – its a bit silly to talk of such things, because they are not of human origins. The Fae folk are a thing of myth and legend, and such it is with their magics. Ordinary people like you and me can not perceive them, let alone wield the power that they mayhap possess.

On the other hand – Gene Roddenberry must have gotten the idea for Mr. Spock’s pointy ears from somewhere…