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Why is it always Demons?

It isn’t always Demons. Demons are an especially common opponent of Spec Ops for a number of reasons. Demons will work for almost anyone willing to make a deal with them. That means that demons can often be found working for other opponents of Spec Ops. Demons primarily live in Firegate and return there when ‘killed.’ Demons don’t seem to die permanently. Demons hated Professor Aetius, a Spec Ops agent, before his demise. More than a few demon attacks targeted Aetius personally.

How do I make a deal with a demon (if ‘don’t’ isn’t an option)?

Making a deal with a demon is generally a bad idea if you don’t know what you are doing. Such deals are binding and they leave an indelible mark on the person who made the deal. If someone dies while owing a sufficiently large debt to a demon that person may come back to life as a demon still bound to pay their debt. That said, situations may arise where making a deal with a demon seems better than the alternative. If that is the case follow these steps.

1. Reconsider. Are you absolutely sure that this deal is 100% necessary? Spec Ops has a lot of individuals with a wide range of powers. Someone can probably come up with something better.

2. Stall. Even if the situation is dire, as long as other Spec Ops agents know where you are, or that you are missing, delaying may enable you to avoid an undesirable deal altogether.

3. Engage an expert negotiator if possible. Trinley Dorje of Spec Ops has negotiated many deals with demons over the years. His experience will enable him to make a deal that puts you at the least risk.

4. Aim for an immediate value for value exchange. In other words, no debt should be owed in either direction after an immediate exchange of goods, information or action. If there is going to be lingering debt, negotiate the deal such that the demon is the one who is in debt. This still isn’t ideal because demons can find it convenient to kill their debt holder (directly or indirectly) instead of paying the debt if the debt is large.

5. Make a specific offer. Try to come up with something that the demon in question wants and which you can reasonably provide. Offer this rather than an unspecified favour or service.

6. Do not let them know that you are desperate. They will jack up the price.

7. Try to make the most limited deal that meets your needs. Ask for as little as necessary and give up as little as you can.

8. Keep it simple. Demons are generally experts at this sort of thing. Unless you have similar expertise a simple straightforward deal is better for you than something complex they can twist to their advantage.

9. Inform Spec Ops as soon as possible. Spec Ops may need to take action to protect St James or your fellow agents.

10. Pay off your side of the deal as soon as possible. Agreements are binding.

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  1. “Why is it always Demons?

    It isn’t always Demons. Demons are an especially common opponent of Spec Ops for a number of reasons. Demons will work for almost anyone willing to make a deal with them.”

    Here is another symptom of the disease. That you have to ask this question, which you really do its a valid point, is a sign things are not going well.

    That they are an “especially common opponent” belies the fact that our teams call them so often.

    “Making a deal with a demon is generally a bad idea if you don’t know what you are doing.”
    Making a deal with a demon is ALWAYS a bad idea, and no one knows what they are doing or what the long term results are likely to be.

    I freely declare my interests before the rest of the post: I firmly believe Spec Ops has been historically too cavalier about dealing with demons and continues that bad practice to the present day, and I am related to several demons.

    The title here should be: DON’T. Don’t. Don’t.

    Followed by…why are you still reading this page?

    Proceeding on…

    Something to add is that you are rarely born a demon, it is more common that someone is born half demon. They then have some choices about what they will eventually become, with the weighting more towards the demon side unfortunately.

    The Divine Clare recently healed the half demons on St. James.

    You can and often do descend to become a full demon from a half demon. And you can become a demon from a human if you work at it diligently enough, there are many forces that would be more than happy to give you the ‘how to’ on that if you can’t think up stuff on your own.

    As to the dealing with demons…it is generally the last thing you want to do. Both this post and the culture with the teams is entirely too focused on the ‘how to’ rather than the ‘how not to’.

    In passing, I’ve read copious notes from my predecessor on Master Trinley’s dealings with demons and in my very first of only two missions with Spec Ops got to see him in action first hand. With respect, he certainly has the most experience at this but he has many weaknesses that I’m sure he’d acknowledge. His weaknesses are similar to any the rest of us have, and these are things demons capitalize on and are practiced in using. In Master Trinley’s case, as a monk and fairly young, my cousin once observed him in negotiations regarding a demon’s courting of a British Princess. While well intentioned, Master Trinley has no experience of courtship of a young girl given his life experiences and was therefore at a disadvantage in his negotiation. My cousin felt he overly relied on his doctrine of self choice in her case and forgot or was too inexperienced to appreciate the power of youth, lust, and hormones on a young girl in the presence of an accomplished seducer.

    The point being that we all have blind sides and demons are generally quite long lived, have excellent memories, and the advantage of time on their side. They know you wouldn’t have called them if you weren’t either hard up or really stupid, so they know they have an advantage going in.

    Being an expert is both an advantage and a disadvantage. They know Trinley and they know how to work him. So the experience cuts both ways.

    A huge issue is the human sense of immediacy versus long term value. Favors generally get harder to repay in time and more costly. Demons will be very reluctant to let you pay promptly, it is not in their advantage to do so. It is in their advantage…and a lot of fun…to wait until you are more powerful and can do more damage when they call in their marker.

    The advice on complexity of arrangements is accurate, you should avoid complexity if at all possible in dealing with a demon whether bargaining or not.

    A note to demon summoners….


    Having said that and knowing you are still reading…

    Warning: Recent confiscations of summoning books have omitted the section of the ritual for binding. This is highly dangerous and generally leads to death or worse. Do not trust a gift of a summoning book. Don’t keep one in your possession either, it tends to be soul corrupting just by proximity.

    Demon Binding

    Master Trinley is a lot better in my view at demon binding than bargaining and should be called on more for that. At least ask for his assistance in protections and monitoring. I have recently learned that he is able to see soul corruption somewhat, if you are going down this road you really need to keep an awareness of that. It may help you turn back in time.

    It is true demons are hard to give a final death to, but they can be bound in various forms. Spec Ops has created several statues this way. Ask us how!

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