A Chronology of the Aurellis Realms

0 The awakening. People realise the world exists, and that they are part of it. The Senate is founded as the seat of government. Divine Randol appointed governor of America.
2 The Goddess Sian gives her blessing to women. Temples to Sian start to be built.
12 General Julius seizes power, and becomes 1st Emperor Julius. Declares martial law.
15 Divine Gregory speaks out against Julius policy regarding martial law.
17 Julius struck down by the Divine Gregory while giving a speech on the execution of “citizen traitors”.
17 Start of the Wild Years. No central government. Regional governors attempt to preserve order, but with fragmented military.
24 The Twin gods ascend.
27 The Divine Alastyr takes control of Pilots.
31 The Twin Gods first child killed.
34 The Divine Marcus Closes the Aequor to land creatures, to keep the civil wars out.
38 Divine Randol unifies America under a locally appointed Supreme Governor.
42 End of the Wild Years. The Divine Roland Lays down the Law, appointing Augustus as 2nd Emperor.
43 Augustus decrees the re-founding of the Senate.
44 The Twin Gods second child is killed.
45 The Mage-war starts.
48 Augustus decrees the formation of Guilds, including Guild of Law.
49 Divine Roland denies Magic to the worlds. Mage -war ends.
50 Augustus assassinated in Senate. Senate declares Linus 3rd Emperor.
52 Linus appeals for the return of magic. Goddess Medea returns magic to the Worlds. At her appeal, Aequor re-opens.
52 Guild of Mages empowered. Guild of Pilots Empowered.

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55 The Year of Lawmaking. Many decrees and declarations made.
56 Laws regarding the rights of citizens are passed in the Senate. Military uprising occurs. Linus killed.
56 The Succession war.
58 Divine Roland and Divine Gregory end the Succession War. Eduardus spoken as 4th Emperor by Gregory. The Emperor’s rule over Senate is confirmed by Gregory.
59 Eduardus makes the 10th Imperial Decree. The quiet years commence.
72 Dorlan declared Grey.
124 Eduardus sues Divine Randol for non-payment of Imperial Taxes. Randol declares the Independent Federation of American States. Randol elected President.
125 Eduardus leads attack on America. Eduardus killed. Maximus made 5th Emperor.
126 Blackening of Randol. War with America. Nathan appointed Chairmen of Joint Chiefs.
135 The Twin Gods third child killed. They take the Mantle of War.
136 15th Imperial decree on Incest.
147 Lania gives birth to Tallia. Tallia ascends. Senate debates the blackening of the Twin Gods for breaking the 15th decree. Divine Gregory Speaks to Senate, absolving the Twin Gods, through the sacrifice of Lania.
148 The Twin Gods Speak, and Maximus decrees the existence of Gladiators.
151 Phoebe born to Divine Morgan – decreed Princess Phoebe.
162 Seline born. Decreed as Princess Seline.
167 Phoebe ascends.
170 Maximus declared insane by the Joint Chiefs. Impeachment hearings start in Senate.
171 Senate finds the Emperor sane. Joint Chiefs, sentenced to death. Military uprising. Civil war.
178 The Twin Gods Speak, and unify the military. New Joint chiefs declare Maximus insane again. Divine Gregory prosecutes Maximus in Senate.
179 Senate upholds the Insanity of Maximus. Admiral Gerard nominated as 6th Emperor. Senate refuses to ratify. Rumours circulate that Nathan was not executed with the other Joint Chiefs.
180 The effective republic. Senate refuses to ratify 4 imperial candidates over a 3 year period.

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183 The Divine Roland Speaks, and the 10th Imperial Decree is Revised. Senate cannot find 75% vote to refuse next candidate. Augustus 2nd made 6th Emperor.
185 Seline ascends.
220 Appointment of Judith Lacey as Imperial Chancellor.
250 Augustus 2nd dies when his ship is attacked in the Atlantic. Sirius 1st made 7th Emperor.
294 Marcus 1st becomes 8th Emperor
308 Julius 2nd becomes 9th Emperor
335 Emperor killed in battle. Julius 3rd becomes 10th Emperor
340 Joint chiefs declare Julius 3rd unable to hold office through incompetence after the battle of Quebec, when Empire looses the eastern seaboard of America. Impeachment begins.
341 Senate upholds the impeachment. Sirius 2nd becomes 11th Emperor
344 2nd battle of Quebec. Empire regains Canadian coast.
380 3rd battle of Quebec. Empire expelled from Americas.
386 Emperor assassinated. Augustus 3rd becomes 12th Emperor
400 Borders on Prime Realm have stabilised. Policy of outward expansions agreed by Roland and Randol. Roland Speaks, telling the Empire to look to the shadows for conquest. Empire expansionist period commences.
404 76th presidential elections in the Federation. Randol re-elected on a platform of “Go out and get rich”. Federation expansionist period commences.
425 Emperor poisoned. Sirius 3rd becomes 13th Emperor
501 Emperor killed in battle. Prince Eduardus 2nd becomes 14th Emperor
557 Federation eradicated from New Canada by High General Henry Vernus.
580 Gaia undertakes her Great Ritual of Motherhood, and withdraws into Aurellis.
600 Increasing animosity is observed between the Temple of War and the Throne.
602 Sirius born in Temple of Sian, Eboracum.
614 Sirius enlists in Army.
630 Sirius made a General.
634 Emperor challenges the Goddess Marise to a duel of honour. Marise accepts, and utterly defeats Eduardus, scattering his body across the entire arena. Marise Speaks, re-affirming that holy law has precedence over Imperial Decree.

Marik demands the lives of the Joint Chiefs in penance for their failure to declare Eduardus unfit to rule.

635 New Joint Chiefs appointed – Duke William O’Connor made head. General Sirius 4th becomes 15th Emperor.   Terrea first appears in answer to prayers to Gaia.
650 Expansionist phases in Empire and Federation draw to a close, as most of the territory that can realistically be held inside is taken into control of one or the other.

Above 75th parallel, shadows are usually fully held. Below that, there is usually conflict, and below the 60th parallel, there is also technocracy land on the shadow. Also, south of the 60th parallel, some areas openly acclaim Don Mathias, and the rule of “Family” rather than Governments.

665 Technocracy built.
666 Landor Yorke killed by Gregory, Marik & Maryse.
680 Terrea killed by Helena Maria-Latz, a descendant of the Reich and Sable.
681 Joscelin Kennard acknowledged as a Prince, son of Leyton.
682 Joscelin makes, by channeling, a Rock of Creation in Denmark, a shadow in the Technocracy.
683 Diplomatic Relations opened with the Reich – treaty signed by Emperor and Kaiser. Duncan Graeme acknowledged as a Prince – son of Morgan.
684 Joscelin ascends – god of Ritual and Channeling.
685 Rupert Delatz named as deity without portfolio by the Emperor. Identity technology exported to the Reich under licence.
700 The Empire accepts Glyn Aberford’s credentials as Ambassador from Quantico. Dialogs begin
between New Yorvik and Quantico
715 Princess Sirenna born.
740 Lisu is created by Alastyr and Olivia to be the Goddess of Secrets. The Depository is formed from the transport Logri of Caelum.
Unknown to any, the dark deity Siluria is also created.
748 Larabelle divorced by Randol, and forgiven by the Empire. Sirius declared to be a son of Roland. Richard Lacey becomes Duke of Worcester on St. James, and after locating his inheritance a broken Pattern on St. James is made whole by Robert de Lacy. Richard Lacey is reformed by the St. James Pattern.
749 Empire exchanges diplomatic relations with the Court of St. James. James Aberford is St James ambassador.
750 Lucidia ascends. Transport Logri removed from the Federation. Alyra installed as Guardian of external transits. St. James Logrus built on the outside. Federation colony of Externis founded. Almost immediately the Externia colonists abandon that location in favour of Victoria. Federation denied access to the Outside.
750 Nathan pardoned and made Governor of Radnor, a new province captured from the Federation by Carolyn Aberford. Delwin meets Richard Lacey. Stone circle of the eagles comes to Milbank on St James.
752 Aequar blitzkriegs Aequor, with military advice from the Reich. Marcus taken prisoner by Georgina. Federation tries to invade Aequar but is beaten back by combined Aequar/Reich/Roland forces. Georgina crowned Queen of Aequor.
752 Aequar Transport Logrus donated to Reich by Queen Georgina. Marcus escapes dungeons with help from Don, and goes to Yorketown. Marcus name blackened by Senate.
753 Early  2004 a major plot by the Federation to take control of the Continental USA on St James through an elaborate black ritual involving deaths of 250,000 people is foiled by a team led by Imperial Special Agent Chris Sampio. Governor of Texas implicated.
754 (Aug 2004). Joscelin offers ‘The Package’ to Vice President Lincoln. Commencement of the Great Debate.
755 Gladiator-world opens from St James. Half Fae incursions into the outside are halted. State Sword of Thelbane recovered. Merlin of Thelbane confirmed dead in a ritual.
756 (Dec 2004). Federation in alliance with St James Chinese government and Goa’uld attempt to unearth a ship buried in Chinese mountains east of Tibet. General Meyor captured. Ship removed to safety on dark side of moon.
756 (2005). Texas civil war erupts on St James. The St James world scan is undertaken by Aetius. Ekaterina released from Vatican prison. Great Debate ends as The Don and Donna Lucidia are declared Grey Gods. Drelek-doom happens. Geoff is replaced as Keyholder by Richard. Robert proclaimed as god of Teaching and Royce proclaimed as god of Free Will. Rupert declared god of Protection.
Chanicut base destroyed. Merlin resurrected. Various artifacts recovered from
Chanicuts. Stockton Plateau happens. Rupert is gifted with a Jewel of Creation.
756 (Aug 2005) Federation invasion of New Yorvik. Emperor is onsite with Kaiser and leads the defence with SS help. Invasion defeated.
757 Empress-to-be is attacked by Federation Battleship at a private training facility in shadow. Empress-to-be returns triumphant to New Yorvik with captured battleship.
757 (Sep 2005) Morris Lewis-Vernus replaced as Governor of New Canada by Nathan Helgram. Morgan Grigson becomes Mayor of New Yorvik. Jorge shot by Andrew. Battle of Lancaster.
757 (Dec 2005) Aphrodite’s Kiss in LA. Sarrabann-Imperial Alliance founded.
757 (Mar 2006) Princess Alana executed for treason. Princess Alisha (daughter of Divine Robert) appointed Imperial Foreign Minister.
757 Graf Jorge von Klieburg marries Princess Eleanor of Sable.
757 A full alliance formed between the Empire and Sarrabann is declared. Helgram ways in Thelbane is re-located to Sarrabann.
757 Swayvanna, First Lady of the Federation ascends to the aspect of Deception. She is immediately Blackened by the Emperor.
757 The Shadow of Paradiso (an outside broken Pattern Realm) is found to be a base of Federation activity and is destroyed. Protector General Giselle (daughter of Marcelle and Swayvanna) escapes.
757 (Apr 2007) The Imperial Wedding – Emperor Sirius IV takes the Honoured Princess Sirenna as his wife.
757 It is discovered that the Federation are using both magic and Demons to drill to the core of the world of
Edwardiana, in two locations on the north American continent.
757 Scandinavian countries on Edwardiana discover that their royal families have been infiltrated by demons under contract to the Federation, and declare war on the Federation occupied Americas. Great Britain also declares war on the Americas.
758 There is a small change in History on St. James. Very few people will remember the well respected law firm of Barnard and Roth, of NY City. Everyone remembers that there has always been a well respected law firm of Macey and Roth, in NY City.
758 At the Annual Vintners Ball in Amber, a previously unknown member of the Delacy family arrives with the Unicorn, and in the ensuing confusion, Duchess Kendra Bayle, wife of Prince Julian of Arden is murdered. Upon discovering her death, Julian cuts the wedding ring from her dead finger, and gives it to a newly declared apprentice of Princess Fiona, one
Annabelle, and declares his betrothal to her.
758 Gold acquires a new significance, as various attempts to steal it occur throughout the Outside.
758 (July 2007) During the President’s Day parades on Edwardiana, the Black Deity Marcelle is killed by an assassin. The drill shaft located in NY is also destroyed. With the death of Marcelle, the seas in the Empire go wild, and Georgina is cast out from Aequor, as the full might of Marcelle’s death curse falls on her and the aspect of the seas. Georgina is eventually cast on the shore of the Empire, having lost the aspect of the seas.
758 It is discovered that Swayvanna has been attempting to breed new gods from the Imperial families. 4 sons are ‘rescued’ from a facility she had established at the Firegate, in the Outside.
758 The Federation drill shaft in Chicago on
Edwardiana is destroyed by having a volcano erupt up it.
758 (Aug 2007) The Machine is subject to a Death Curse.
758 It has been discovered that there is a new Deity – the Divine Larsen, God of Thieves. Senate is thrown into turmoil, as to how to respond to this discovery.
758 (Nov 2007) On St. James an attempt to take over the American Society of Atheists by zombies at its annual conference in Las Vegas is foiled. In the fallout from this, Professor Aetius is killed.
759 (Feb 2008) Federation plot is discovered to subvert the US government on St. James by having a ‘health spa’ to which low level US government officials have been invited as a ‘promotion’.
759 (March 2008) A Proto Logrus which was contained in a
Chanicut warehouse in Hong Kong goes critical. During the cleanup, Lord Jurt Sawall of Thelbane becomes aware of the significance of St. James.
759 (March 2008) The existence of Artifacts, empowered by association with beings of historical significance is discovered.
759 (March 2008) The Imperial Advisor on Religious Affairs places a motion before Senate that Senate would petition the Emperor to seek Ascension. After 6 weeks of debate Senate makes the 28th Declaration – petitioning the Emperor to Ascend..
759 (June 2008) Ani Aasgard’s wedding on St. James is attended by Duchess Lintra Hendrake, and is attacked in a Hendrake uprising.
759 (June 21 2008) The ritual ‘call to arms’ of the Hendrake sleeper armies across shadow is launched.
Roughly 75 million people across 750 shadows start to answer the call. The call is eventually dispelled with the aid of the Archangel Gabriel.
759 (July 2008) Various deities assemble on the Temple steps. The Divine Roland announces that the Divine Robert is now God of Truth and Teaching, The Divine Rupert is now God of Communications and the newly Ascended Divine Rikart is now the Great Protector.
759 (August 2008) William O’Connor retires with honour from the Imperial Joint Chiefs of staff with the grateful thanks of the Emperor and a full pension. Field Marshall Nathan Helgram is promoted to Magister Militum, and takes command of the Joint Chiefs.
759 (August 2008) Ani Aasgard killed on her family farm.
759 (September 2008) Large Hadron Collider at CERN fails – Demons implicated in the failure
759 (Autumn Equinox 2008) Amber Pattern and Amber Broken Pattern stop working on St. James.
759 (October 2008) Regiment of the Keys launch missions against a factory in Borneo which is manufacturing death enriched heavy water.
759 (August 2008) General Graham disbands the
Regiment of the Keys from active operations and places it on reserve status. Serving Keys soldiers are re-deployed into other UK regiments.
759 (Winter Solstice 2008) An incursion takes place into the Spec Ops base at El Toro – Federation and Goa’uld space ships make a close approach to St. James, and a Goa’uld ring transit takes place from
beneath El Toro to one of the federation vessels. Subsequent investigations into the incident find that an agent on attachment from the UK and a dead agent are witnessed firing on Spec Ops marine guards in the tunnels under El Toro, and that active Spec Ops security codes were used to disable space defences in the vicinity of the bas prior to the approach of the vessels.
760 (January 2009) Special Operations is transferred out of the FBI, and placed under the control of the Department of Defense. Graeme Helgram III resigns from command, and the new Director of Operations is Phillip Broyles, from the US Department of Defense.
760 (Feb 2009) President Randol of the Federation
succumbs to his illness and passes. The Vice President assumes the Presidency and calls an immediate Election.
760 (March 2009) Top Gear film a special, journeying
across the southern border of the U.S. and are repeatedly beset by incidents, before eventually arriving safely at their destination.
760 (April 2009) Los Alamos National Physics Lab is forced to close for major repairs, and is taken under the temporary control of Special Operations, Dept. of Defense.
760 (May 2009) President Lincoln Abrahams is sworn in as the second President of the Federation of American States.
760 (May 4th, 2009) Field Marshall Regens George Helgram, ruler of
Casablanca (in nomine Imperatori), announces his engagement to Arnhilde Aasgard, descendant of House Hendrake.
760 (June 8th 2009) A major Federation incursion against Casablanca is launched. Initial attacks are successful, and Casablanca forces have to pull back. No relief is available from Inside – other coincident attacks have everything tied up. Arnhilde Aasgard – the Regensia in waiting, leads a force of Strike legions formed by her own resources and beats back the incursion – kicking them off Casablanca.
760 (June 21st 2009) Eldrich Queen Elizabeth Hardwick returns to Los Alamos to meet with Spec Ops representatives, and an accord is reached regarding her departure from St. James, subject to a
successful proof of concept test.
760 (June 25th 2009) Michael Jackson dies on St. James. The Federation attempt to harness world wide grief to power a ritual is foiled.
760 (July 18th 2009) A new Logrus called Animus is
created to fill a still expanding area of Abyss that had
appeared in open Shadow some months back. Massive Shadow storms
radiate outward from this event, doing extensive damage on
Casablanca, and lesser damage on St. James, Liberty, Murray,
Sanguine, Parys, Haven, and a number of other locations. Advance
warning of the storms allows some for some preparation on
Casablanca, Murray, Sanguine and St. James.
760 (August 19th 2009) Merlin accounces the return of
all his memories, and initiates a Thelbane Civil War by
reclaiming the Dragon Throne. Bleys of Amber is joined by his
son Remus and Corwin’s daughter Utari in announcing their
support for Merlin. Remus resigns as Mayor of Casablanca to
further this campaign.Despil – Merlin’s brother quits Thelbane and moves to Animus.
760 (September 21st 2009) George Helgram and
Arnhilde Aasgard are married in Casablanca. Arnhilde is confirmed by Emperor Sirius IV as Regensia of the External Empire, with all the rights and
privileges of that rank. The same weekend, the new Gladiator
sensation Mathilda! has her first official battle.
761 (October 2009) Wilson Yorke
appointed Mayor of Casablanca. William O’Connor returns to the
Outside to take up the post of Chief Architect of Casablanca.
761 (October 2009) Randol Yorke
returns to life at the Yorketown Logrus, and departs to the
761 (October 2009) Major federation
activities are detected at a school in Shelter Island, NY on St.
James. THis leads to the discovery of many books wotht he power
to influence minds towards the Federation doctrines, and also
further discovery of the Federation involvment of the local
government in Austin Texas.
761 (November 2009) Battle of
Sawallways in the Thelbane Civil war results in the deaths of
Duke Barnard, son of Bleys,  and Duke Gramble Sawall, as
the ways is laid waste. Shortly thereafter, House Hendrake
declares for King Mandor, and the rebellion is defeated, with
Merlin killed, and Bleys, Gilva and Victor captured.Subsequently, Victor reaches accomodation with King Mandor and
is released and invested as Duke of House Victarian, a New Major
House. Gilva is also released and joins House Victarian as its
Grand Admiral. Jurt is named Duke Sawall.
761 (December 2009) The new realm of
Symphony is discovered as an unbound Logrus floating in empty
space. Duke Michael Delacy, a reknowned Shapeshifter and Pattern
Master becomes the keeper of that Logrus.
761 (March 2010) Lady Anabelle of
Amber marries Prince Julian of Arden. An attempt to accuse
Anabelle of Julian’s former wifes murder backfires and results
in Sand ceasing to be Mistress of the Arcane in Amber. This job
eventualy retirns to Fiona.
761 (Macrh 2010) Tigers excape from
their cages on a cross channel ferry on St. James and hold the
vessel to ransom.
761 (April 2010) Whilst transporting
a newly acquired Egyptian gold cat from the British Museum to
their own Museum in KNightsbridge, Donna Wilhemena of the
Archeological Council of Essex is slain.
762 (April 2010) On St. James,
European airspace is closed for nearly 2 weeks due to an asj
cloud from a volcanic erruption of Iceland.
762 (May 2010) Lady Jade of Animus
ana Amber and A.C. Smith of Sygyl are married, and event which
is interrupted by a Wolfe attack using Goa’uld technology.
Suring this attach Raymond Wolfe is  captured.
762 (May 2010) The ‘Times Square
Incident’ – very briefly a naked Trump image of a famous St.
James model is projected on the screens of Times Square, with a
Thelbane insignia displayed on it.
762 (May 2010) The Rebman wedding
day. Harmon Chanicut is killed, and the battle of Rebmafall
takes place. Rebma is destroyed, and its Pattern is left under
30,000 feet of sea water on an unbreathable ocean floor.Subsequently, Juno, younger sister of Harmon, is invested as
Duchess of Chanicut.
762 (June 2010) Unexplained Shadow
Storm rolls throughout the Outside.
762 (June 2010) Osric is dismissed
as High Justiciar of Thelbane, and becomes the steward of the
Rebma Pattern. Meanwhile Dhalia, Osric’s daughter, is appointed
as the new Justiciar.
762 (July 3rd 2010) On Edwardiana, where
it is March 1909, attacks in Russia succeed in killing the Tsar,
the Tsarina, the Tsarevich, the Prime Minister and other
officials and members of the Royal family. The initial attacks
are eventually folloowed up by a major invasion of Wolfe led
troops. Grand Duke Michael Alexandrovich (the former Tsar’s
younger brother) becomes the new Tsar.
762 (July 5th 2010) On St. James, a
night of terror sweeps Western Europe, as the Hilton 5 Star
hotel in Geneva is bombed during a high profile classical
concert, followed by a warehouse explosion in Antwerp, and then
the destruction of a luxuious private residence in that area by
fire. At all three events within the same night, there were
reported sightings of the celebrity ‘Sapphire’, leading this to
be called the Night of the Supermodel Bombings.
762 (July 6th 2010) A Ryanair flight
from Brussels to Luton disappears over the English Channel.
British security services eventually locate the plane with some
traumatised survivors being taken into protective ciustody.
762 (July 8th 2010) The ‘Star Wars’
realm is discovered, following a visit to Mos Eisley spaceport.
Links are found between the Sith Lords and certain demons.
762 (July 10th 2010) Randol Yorke
and Luna-Lei Jaygirl are married at Blackhall
762 (July 11th 2010) The realm of
Mornington begins to crumble and decay into the Abyss. A team
of Spec Ops agents led by Trinly Dorje stabilise the realm and
rescue the 20% of the population that had become demons, by
chanelling massive amounts of Ley energy through Trinly using a
comination of Superhero suits, and Animates, as he donates soul
energy to the demons to return them to normal life. As a result
of this Trinlry effectively ‘claims’ this realm.
762 (July 13th 2010) The Rebma
Revenge Rumble takes place in Blackhall, where various former
members of the Rebman royal family, who are now members of House
Discordia in Thelbane, have a knock down catfight with the
survivors of Harmon Chanicut’s supporters, led by Callista, his
daughter. All the competitors
for in this catfight are either natural females or are transofrmed into females for the event. Guest competitors on the
undercard include some representatives from another continuum
(not fully explained). This fight, and the forfits that follow
on for the next 6 hours form a prelude to Corwin’s stag party,
which becomes a massive poker match involving Corwin’s close
relatives and selected guests.
762 (July 14th 2010) King Corwin of
Parys marries Princess Dara of Sarrabann in Parys. The wedding
is attacked by duplicates of Corwin, Dara and Brand from another
continuum (not fully explained) and during this, the Wolfe clan
attack Animus attempting to free Ray Wolfe. Attacks on Wolfe
holdings on Edwardiana are undertaken by allies while the Wolves are busy
elsewhere.The wedding attacks are defeated, but Ray Wolfe was released.
Ray is summoned back via a ritual and killed by Aleksandr of
Edwardiana and Elisabeth of Parys. Vortigern Isolde and
Gwendolen Wolfe are captured. The Goa’uld symbiote Heqet is
stolen from Luna-Lei. During a separate opportunistic attack on
Thelbane by Swayvanna, Giselle is captured by Mandor. Swayvanna
and Bleys formally break up.
762 (July 31st 2010) A realm called
Sao Tome is discovered to be a staging point for a multishadow
kidnap and slavery operation headed by Guilame Vincent. An
attack on the realm is organised, and during it Queen Kali of
the 13th Abyss, also known as the Goa’uld Goddess Kali is encountered,
with her being honoured by the presentation of a number of young slaves,
which she is expected to use as hosts for Goa’uld symbiotes.During the attack, Guilame Vincent is killed, but the Archdaemon
Ba’al is encountered, and eventually the Archangel Michael is
called in with the heavenly Host, after which Ba’al runs away.
762 (August 1st 2010, August 1st
Thelbane Year 25465) During the official assessment of the
status of House Karm, King Mandor of Thelbane raises many minor
Houses to Great House status, and redesignates the Head of a
Great House as Archduke or Archduchess.
762 (August 2nd 2010) A raid is
organised onto the Star Wars realm, during which Emperor
Palpatine is killed and a new Super Death Star is incapacitated
but not deestroyed. Various other Sith Lords are captured, and
the demoness Jahi is banished again.
762 (August 4th 2010) A Warded Door
is discovered in the basement ruins of the former castle on Sao
Tome, and a team decide to investigate it. The team goes missing
and eventually is discovered 2 days later at the edge of the
Abyss in Thelbane, with a year of time having passed for them.
They have with them a being called ‘Enoch’, who immediately
leaves to rejoin the Host of Heaven.
762 (August 16th 2010) A terrorist
attack kills the curator of the British Museum in London.
762 (August 19th 2010) A team
investigate a hidden research laboratory discovered at the
Berchtesgaden in Germany. A reserach program is discovered that
was making artifical human bodies that demons could inhabit.
762 (September 1st 2010) The wedding
duel of Duke William Macey of Cabra and the designated champion
of the Hell-Vice-Marshall Countess Aðalbjörg Hendrake takes
place at the Hendrake Arena in the Black Zone. After the duel is
won by Duke William, Alaric Hendrake makes a further challenge
against Duke William for the hand of Aðalbjörg, and Sergei
Koskov intervenes, first attempting to talk Alaric down, during
which time it is revealed that Sergei is the grandson and Heir
presumptive of King Mandor, but then eventually having to engage
Alaric in a mental duel arcane, which Sergei wins. During this
duel, General Duke of Destruction Armin attempts to shoot his mother the
High Princess of Annihilation Lintra in the back while
simultaneously Hell-Major Lady Ulrica Hendrake attempts to shoot
Hell-Marshall Archduchess Lintra in the back. Both of these
assassination attempts are foiled. Armin is banished and Ulrica
is killed.
762 (September 14th 2010) Several
significant members of the Enlightened origanisation of
Australia on St. James are discovered to have been drowed in
seawater in unusual circumstances. A plot by a priestess of the
Queen of the Abyssal Waters to drown the whole of St. James is unearthed and defeated.
763 (October 1st 2010) Queen Hera of
Thelbane gives birth to a daughter.
763 (October 5th 2010) A series of
major shadow storms eminating from Thelbane are a prelude to a
major insurrection in Thelbane. An attack on the Logrus itself
in Suhuyways leads to a major destabilisation of reality, and teams of
allies persaude Roland Helgram to aid Mandor and Hera in
repairing the Logrus. This takes them all out of action for over 6
hours, during which  a direct asault on Mandorways and
Thelbane Palace result in the release of many of Mandor’s
prisoners, and the seizing of the Palace by Swayvanna who
declares herself Queen of Thelbane.In a hastily arranged coronation ceremony that evening, as
she ascended the steps to take the Throne, Swayvanna was
shot with a single round to the head, before being
beheaded by Mandor, who appeared beside her as she fell.King Mandor then went on to thank ‘those Houses that had
provided strength and support to Thelbane at this trying
time’, particularly singling out for thanks ‘the Great
House Discordia, and its Head of House, Lydia, upon whom
we are happy to confer the title Archduchess’.Mandor and Hera then went on to receive renewed Oaths of
Allegience from all the heads of the Great Houses, while
they sat together on the Throne, each with a foot resting
on the headless body of Swayvanna as it lay there. Only
after that ceremony was complete, did attendants of the
Royal Guard remove the corpse and the head.
763 (Mid October 2010) Now.