DelilahConsort-Mother of the Shattered Realm

Psychic Power Extremely High
Strength Extremely High
Endurance Extremely High
Combat Ability Godlike
Presence Godlike
Additional Powers Logrus, Trump, Sorcery, Ritual Magic
Current Known Status At Large

Delilah in her first life was a 3rd Viscontesse of House Jesby, who subsequently died and opted to become a Demoness. Her father from her first life was Duke Borell Hendrake, which gave her a significant boost in her martial reputation. She served as a Hell-General in the Hendrake armies.

As a Demoness, she had willingly paid the price to the Demon King for her resurrection, laying with him to produce the twins Delinian and Demonia. However, when the opportunity came for her daughter Demonia to wrest the Two-fold Crown of the Demon Queen from the hands of a dead rival, Delilah lent her wholehearted support, and has now become a part of the complex Demonic Royal Marriage.