GhysoneSuperheroine Captain Ghysone

Psychic Power Getting Quite High
Strength Above Amber
Endurance Well Above Amber
Combat Ability Well Above Amber
Presence Well Above Amber
Additional Powers Trump, Techno-magic, Goa’uld Technological Sorcery, Leyline Magic, Computational Demonology

I am the vessel in which Ghost took her first steps. I have grown with her, and am the captain of her forces.

I have no idea who I was, before I become part of the Ghost Network. An original Spectre Suit was placed upon the barely living body of a brain dead woman. I do not know where she came from. I do not know why she drank absynthe until her brain literally was eaten inside out. All I do know, is that the suit repaired her body, and then realised that there was no intellect at home. She had gone.

The suit used the protocol that – I feel fairly certain – was never actually intended to be needed. The assumption would always have been that if the damaged was so great to cause brain death, the suit would have also died already. Nevertheless, the protocol was there, the call was made, and shortly thereafter I was also there. Thus it began – the rest is history.


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