The Divine Noelani

Goddess of the skies, bringer of storms and rain, keeper of the suns

Noelani is also a child born for destiny by Roland and Sian. Though born female, and generally accepting a female aspect, the nature of the sky realms and the natural creatures who live there have dissolved the generally accepted definitions of gender.

All who live in the open spaces between the planets must be able to freely and instinctively alter the nature and shape of their bodies in ways far more extreme than are ever seen in the other realms. Noelani through her blessing, forces this ability on all who ask it, so that they may go into the skies without concern or harm. Sexuality as it is generally accepted becomes irrelevant when such a freedom of nature and form is available. The nature of procreation in the skies is unique to the individual event.

Noelani accepts both males and females to train as servants in her Temples. However, to attain priesthood, a servant must accept the full aspect of her blessing, and thus become androgynous. The peoples of the sky realms are somewhat confusingly known as ‘The Host.’