Capital L Leather

An Animus business partnership Between Lydia Lee Cantrell, Leslie Coates, and Leonard Hart formed in Animus year 1.

Leonard, a rancher, provides the cattle which are raised and cared for humanely up to the point at which they are slaughtered for their hides and delicious meat. Leonard also does the slaughtering, skins and dries the hides and provided start up capital for the business.

Leslie, a craftswoman, consults on design work, oversees the assembly of product and handles sales and marketing.

Lydia keeps the books and uses her shape shifting skills to give the leather its extraordinary properties.

Every single item produced by Capital L Leather is custom made to the purchaser’s exact specifications. Clothing fits perfectly. Every item sold has far more durability than ordinary leather and exceptional stain resistance. Some popular options include impact resistance, heat resistance, acid resistance, stretch panels, and hidden pockets. Items of clothing made for shape shifters have the stitching in certain areas made slightly weaker so that if the shifter grows suddenly then the thread will snap and the piecework remain intact.

Custom orders may be placed at Leslie Coates Shop on Animus or for off worlders with Lydia Lee Cantrell.

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