Major Reine Carlyle

Major Reine Carlyle

Played by: Stephen A.

Father: Dominic Carlyle, MD – deceased

Mother: Sabrina Lewis, mage – deceased

Current role: Major in the Praetorian Guard, Empire of Eboracum; assigned to Spec Ops on St. James.

I was born inside the Empire and raised in the capital city, Eboracum.  My training in magic started young, with my mother teaching me the basics and encouraging my talents.  I enlisted in the Praetorian as soon as I reached the age of majority. After basic, the military took over my magic training and now I use my skills in combat.  Before moving to St. James and working with Spec Ops, I was in charge of security for the Imperial Senate.  Details about my early missions are classified.  Let’s just say The Federation would like to talk to me about my career.


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