The Divine Lisu

The blind one, keeper of secrets

Lisu was created by Alastyr & Medea to be the leader of a religious order that would administer and run a central depository that the two of them constructed with the help of Noelani, using both of the lesser Aurellis of Caelum. It is this new intermediate Aurellis that is the means of initiation for Lisu’s servants. By appeal to Roland the depository was located in a special place only reachable by Lisu and her initiates.

Like all goddesses, Lisu is a stunningly beautiful woman, but to all intents and purposes, she is blind, as are her initiates. It is said that Lisu and her initiates do see something, but on a different level of existence to normal.

In Lisu is merged some of the aspects of the craft of Alastyr, namely the ability to initiate followers to a method of transportation, and the crafts of Medea, namely the ability grant to her initiates the power to ‘Identify’ people uniquely, and to therefore know exactly where in the depository their vault is located. The only price paid by her initiates for these powers is that they too must surrender their normal sight and join their mistress’ world.

It is assumed that Lisu also has the power to grant some great reward to her initiates, as a life of service accompanied by blindness would not be very tempting otherwise.

Lisu’s initiates will grant anyone a vault in the depository, free or slave. No-one has ever successfully robbed the depository. There are two ranks of initiates – ‘Seeker of Secrets’ who are found at the temples of Lisu, and take people to their vaults, and ‘Maker of Secrets’, who are rarely seen outside the depository, and who open up new vaults for applicants. Shielded transportation is not required to reach the depository from anywhere on the inside.

There is no defined price for a vault – the Maker of Secrets will ask a price on an individual basis. A person can put whatever they wish in a vault within the ability of a Courier Pilot to carry, and can visit it whenever they wish, if they can find a Keeper of Secrets to take them there.

The vault is theirs for life, and the initiates seem to know when it is necessary to locate an heir and hand the vault on. This service provided by Lisu’s temples is independant of the fledgling Imperial banking system, and is Empire wide.

Another service which the temple of Lisu provides, is that of confidential counsellors. Lisu has Spoken, such that none of her priesthood can be requested or required to divulge any information which is told to them in their capacity as ‘Keepers of Secrets’, and it has thus far proved impossible to force her priests to reveal such information.