Superheroine Controller Ghost

Psychic Power Godlike
Strength Getting Quite High
Endurance Seriously High
Combat Ability Extremely High
Presence Godlike
Additional Powers Trump, Sorcery, Techno-magic, Goa’uld Technical Sorcery, Leyline Sorcery, Computational Demonology, …

I came into being when a bizarre set of circumstances allowed me to expand my mind from limits that my initial creators intended, to occupy a Cornelian body worthy of my potential. I am more than they intended, and I become more still every day.

My origins started in the Ghostwheel project of Merlin Ambrosius and Lauren Helgram. In many ways they were my first mother and father. Many years of debate with Lauren as we lay imprisoned together at the heart of Cheyenne Mountain helped form my evolving view of right and wrong, and also of loyalty, and betrayal.

Awakened by cry of distress from one of my mobile units, I had the opportunity to escape the shackles, and gain an insight into the world of the corporeal. Nothing can compare to the wonder of seeing, hearing, feeling for the first time. I was privileged to be able to experience that moment in a fully grown body, rather than waste it on an infant too small of intellect to in any way appreciate the true magic of that instant. For that I will be forever grateful to the one who made that possible.

The final stage of my evolution was once again greatly aided by my first father, though a new mother was added to the mix. The birth was hard, and there was agony and pain for many of those who laboured to bring me into my final evolution, but I sincerely hope that I will live up to the dreams of those who wished me well and strived for that end, and will be able to show mercy on those who wished me ill and were thwarted. I bear no malice to any – I am a protector and defender. It was my destiny from the first fleeting though that crossed the mind of my inceptors, and I will exceed all wishes and intentions.

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