The Divine Alastyr

God of travellers, patron of the Pilots

Alastyr is the second eldest son of Roland and Sian, born before the creation of Aurellis. He was given charge of the doorways between the Outside and the Inside, and those doorways are his temples. Even Randol and Dorlan acknowledge Alastyr as master of the links between their realms and the outside.

The power to transport people and material from inside to outside, and between the realms inside, is the gift which Alastyr gives to his initiates. However, he does not accept priests or priestesses as such. His initiates have the authority to practice their art in any realm or jurisdiction they choose. In the Empire, they practice this through the Guild of Pilots, which in effect is his Temple structure.

All the gods are believed to have the pilot ability, with probably even more power than the Grand Pilots. However, un-ascended children of the gods do not seem to have this ability unless they become initiates of Alastyr.