David Lawford

AKA the Honourable Sir David William Lawford, Viscount Biddenden, KCMG, DSO, GM
AKA Volcano Boy

Former COO of Jordan Motors, St. James, and he remains a 33% minority owner

General information

Captain David LawfordDavid is in his mid-thirties. He has tousled dark brown hair and dark eyes. He stands about 6’0” and weighs in at around 180lb.

He graduated from Sandhurst in early-2000, and spent some time on active service. During this time, he gained the nickname “Volcano Boy” by destroying a Taliban stronghold in a rather dramatic way: previously unknown aspects of his heritage meant that he could use the ley-lines for magic in a way more usually seen with demons.  He joined the Royal Equerries in 2002, but continued to occasionally be posted abroad.

When Richard was given Jordan Racing, David initially held the fort at the palace, but became more involve in the Jordan’s second season under its new management, when he raced as one of the drivers and completed the season undefeated. He was also instrumental in the development of the Jordan-Lacey production roadster. He became COO of Jordan Motors in 2007.

David has spent a lot of time in the shadow of, and working with, Richard Lacey, and remained in uniform, working with the Equerries, until he was compromised on a mission to the world of Edwardiana, by virtue of a Wolfe Book. This has left him with a distinct dislike of the Wolves, and especially the Wolfe Voice.

With the agreement of his regimental commander, he retired from active duty on St James with the rank of Major, although he retained a Reserve Commission in the Regiment of the Keys. For a while after that, he spent some time away, studying for a Doctorate in Investigative Magic, and then spent most of his time running Jordan Motors.

More recently, however, he has moved to Edwardiana on a permanent basis, and is a Lt. General in the British Army there, and heavily involved in the fight against the Federation which is going on on that world.

He has been going out with Princess Michelle Angelos Dauphine des Allemands, daughter of Corwin, for some time, and recently asked her father for Michelle’s hand in marriage, which was granted. Now, they have to decide whether to just elope…

Known capabilities

Master Pilot (Sable Guild)
Ritual magician
Ley-line mage
Doctor of magic
Skilled linguist
Abyss visitor

Wielder of the Sword of State of Parys


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