LatoyahPrincess of Annihilation Latoyah is the daughter of Princess of Annihilation Georgina Kingsbury.

Psychic Power Seriously High
Strength Getting Quite High
Endurance Seriously High
Combat Ability Godlike
Presence Godlike
Additional Powers Logrus, Trump, Sorcery, Ritual Magic, Abyss
Current Status Not Known

Latoyah is a 6th generation Jesby woman who died and was resurrected as a demoness, and has subsequently become the demon daughter of her 5th generation Jesby mother, who suffered the same fate. There is much speculation about who Latoyah’s father may have been, as during her first life, Latoyah’s mother had a number of high profile conquests on her bedpost.

Thus far, there are no recorded summonings of Latoyah.