Princess of Annihilation Lamantha is the daughter of Liander

Psychic Power Extremely High
Strength Getting Quite High
Endurance Getting Quite High
Combat Ability Seriously High
Presence Seriously High
Additional Powers Logrus, Sorcery, Ritual Magic
Current Known Status No longer At Large.

Lamantha is known to be pursuing ‘Objects’, via her links with a pair of human brothers called Lionel and Frederick Schöenberg.

Lamantha recently was required to abandon a number of her collection of these items by the command of Lord Harold Hendrake the Lord Privy Seal of Thelbane. This is a situation for which Lamanatha is likely to blame the supermodel Sapphire, and it would be reasonable to assume that retaliations will be forthcoming.

On the Night of the Five Queens, Lamantha was the third Queen to Hold the Crown.

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