Amber Geography
City of Amber

Amber is the original Realm founded by the drawing of a Pattern. Constructed by Dworkin Barrimen, of the Courts of Chaos, its coming into existence brought Shadow into being.

Amber is a feudal kingdom, ruled now by King Random, and the only people who are accepted as being ‘Real’ are Amberites, defined as the blood descendants of Oberon, the original king of Amber at the time of its founding, and they have a full set of civilised laws and codes about that.

For everyone else, unless the throne of Amber formally recognises either the realm, organisation or individual, then they are nothing, with no rights whatsoever within Amber. The way that things get rights is for whichever Amberite that found them to petition the King for recognition.

Outside Amber, if an individual Amberite grants their protection to a realm, organisation or individual, then that is acceptable as recognition of that thing in its normal location, and actions against it are in effect actions against the Amberite who protected it.

If the realm, organisation or individual is found somewhere else from its normal location, not in the company of its protecting Amberite, then its open season. The Amberite concerned may take offence after the fact, but there is no law of precedent to back this up.