Michael Jonathan Kole-Leon

Occupation: Student, Curator of the Shadow Gallery, Apprentice to Victor Victarion

Father: Damien Kole

Mother: Mathilda Kole-Leon

Other Relatives: Jackson Warren (Cousin), Michael Adam Kole (Uncle, deceased), Elisabeth of Parys (Half Sister), Jackson Damien Kole-Leon (Younger Brother, age 19), Lillian Grace Kole-Leon (Younger Sister, age 16), Chance Sunflower Kole-Leon (Younger Sister, age 15), Tomas Remy Kole-Leon (Younger Brother, age 13), Madelyne  Kole (Aunt), Raymond Sawall (Cousin, age 12), William Bell (Uncle, presumed annihilated), Lord Jonathan of Animus (Godfather), Warren Kids (“cousins”)

Race: Cornelian

Aliases: A very few call him MJ. No one calls him Mike.

Known Abilities: Animus, Science!

Skills of Note: Conservatory trained Pianist, Fixed Wing/Starship Pilot, Marksman, Martial Artist, Swordsman, Tactician, Parkour Enthusiast, Chi Kung Student, Powered Armour Specialist

History: Michael was conceived in the power wake of Animus’ creation, and was born in Parys during the time of the Damien Paradox. Shortly thereafter, Michael’s mother Mathilda entered the arena in an attempt to gain Imperial citizenship, and Michael was separated from her for three years, his time.  The family was reunited and made their home on shadow Mandala, the well-defended seat of Animus R&D and the home of the LUMINA Society’s famous Institute.

Michael exhibited skill with the piano and a love of music from an early age. He has maintained a lifelong interest in music, and received his official training at the William Bourne Conservatory in Animus City. Michael has been a student of Leon Arts de Guerre since the age of five, studying the total combat philosophy and techniques developed by his mother, Mathilda. Sometimes Michael can be found at her studio in Animus City, but lately he can be seen assisting in the basic training she provides for Spec Ops at the DoD on St. James in recent months.

Michael grew up in the labs of his dad, and was present for the development of several of his father’s greatest inventions. His father has been careful to guide his own aptitude for science! with care, veering clear of the manic energy and overwhelming desire to create which is the great pitfall of this inherited ability. Michael has been known to tinker, but usually uses his science! abilities for repair and maintenance. He has received a pro class in scientific! intrusion techniques as well.

At the age of ten, Michael wandered into the Animus. Later on he would claim that something beckoned him inside. He failed to initiate and was hurled across the length of Animus shadows to a fringe realm with a fast time flow. It took his parents a frantic week to find him. The odd shadow he was found on has held a lifelong fascination for Michael, and Lord Jon has made him Libria’s guardian. Michael tried the Animus again at the age of fourteen, and experienced another failure. Once again, the Animus sent him back to Libria.

In recent years, Michael has become actively involved in the secretive SPARK project his mother and father have been working on diligently since Mathilda stepped down from her Defender position. Strong indications of late point to this involving the development of some sort of powered armor. Elite military personnel and members of esteemed families of Animus have also been tapped for the project. Michael has also trained with the Starmada, specializing in the fighter craft built by his father.

Lately Michael has been seen running over the rooftops of Animus City, practicing the art of parkour with a group of friends from his military and conservatory backgrounds. He has also been more active out and about beyond Animus shadows, making an appearance at the birth party for Jade and A.C.’s child, Adamant, and at the Rumble at Black Hall. It was there that he and Victor Victarion hammered out an arrangement for some sort of apprenticeship, and it would appear Michael is bound for an extended stay in Thelbane.


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