Shape Shifting FAQ

What is Shape Shifting?

Shape Shifting is the ability to alter the body’s form and composition. A competent Shape Shifter can heal wounds quickly, alter their appearance, and reliably shift into two or more of their four true forms. An especially skilled Shape Shifter may have the ability to Shape Shift someone else, conceal their shifting ability, become creatures with supernatural abilities, or even shift their mind.

What are True Forms?

Every Shape Shifter has the potential to discover four true forms; Human, Animal, Elemental, and Demon. Human form is fairly general purpose. Animal form matches an Animal from your home world. Elemental form is Air, Earth, Fire, Water, or very rarely Electricity. Demon form is typically optimized for combat and surviving hostile environments. Having a Demon form is different from actually being a Demon.

What is Bucketing?

If a Shape Shifter takes so much damage that they can no longer maintain any form, but they don’t die, then they take on a slime-like consistency. The shapes shifter is incapable of conscious thought or movement and may be transported in a bucket.

Help! I’m stuck in the wrong form. What do I do?

If someone else shifted you, then you may need someone with the ability to shift others to change you back. If you shifted yourself try to remain calm. Make sure that you are in an environment in which your current form can survive if possible. Try to relax into the change and let your body do what it needs to do. Sleeping may help. Some magic users can help a shifter to revert to true form as can a shifter with the ability to shift others.

Why is my Shape Shifter friend attacking me for no reason?

Shape Shifting requires a lot of energy. If a Shape shifter gets severely wounded or shape shifts a lot without eating they may lose control and start involuntarily seeking food, preferably meat. Most Spec Ops agents are made out of meat. Try giving the Shape shifter as much meat as possible or at least placing another source of meat between yourself and the Shape Shifter. If the Shape Shifter ignores the meat and continues to attack you the problem is probably something else.


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