Nayda Brandon


Psychic Power Getting Quite High
Strength Getting Quite High
Endurance Seriously High
Combat Ability Seriously High
Presence Extremely High

I guess I would have to say that life has been an interesting roller coaster of a ride. For no reason that I have ever been able to work out, my dear sweet mother decided to have two children the traditional way with a certain son of Oberon. Perhaps she was curious about what it was like to do that – it’s not like it was a necessary part of reproduction with her – she is the Eldrich Queen Farrah Swann after all.

I was a child of the sixties, and I loved life to the full. I had one unique ability thanks to my weird heritage that got me out of trouble numerous times – I could body hop. I would hop into a girl, have some fun, and then move on again when she stopped being fun. This was the way I met Merlin for the first time – I was being a real party girl called Gail Lampron, and Merlin turned up at the same college.

Somewhere along the line, I picked up a contract from Merlin’s Mom to be his bodyguard. That lasted for a good few lifetimes. Getting a body that I was in killed didn’t seem to prevent me being able to hop out of it and into the next one. But eventually, one of Merlin’s enemies must have figured out about me, because they managed to sideline me and got him anyway.

So – I went freelance again for a while. It’s a good job that Tiy’ga like me are so rare – I’m not sure if anybody but Mom knew how to make us. Looking at everybody around me, I ought to have felt guilty about it – but I just didn’t. Whatever it is that made me what I was – let me be OK with what I was.

Then Merlin came back. Worse for wear at first – almost lobotomised actually – he could hardly remember what time of day it was. But – it meant my long term contract was back in force again. I set him up in Dallas – happier than a pig in shit with all those cheerleaders – I’m not the jealous type – actually I think that might be part of my nature too – I was getting off on him getting off – it was cool.

Two things happened to change everything. First – some bunch of sanctimonious bastards decided that me and my kind had to go, so they ‘healed’ all half demons. What the fuck? Did it occur to any of you to ask us first? Did it hell as like. So now I couldn’t body hop any more. I was stuck being Nayda the den hen for Merlin’s harem. At least I was able to get into the strongest and fittest of the bunch before I got trapped there.

But then came the other thing. You have to love a paradox. I used to be a body hopping demon so I know all about the power of paradox. Well – it just so happens that my father, the certain son of Oberon, had managed to break himself into a paradox of his own. Real nasty one. And for some reason one of my other half brothers on Dad’s side decided to mess with Dad’s paradox. At least he had the good manners to call us all and warn us, and the few times I’d ever met Dad I’d found him to be a pretty cool dude. Whacked out certified nut job, of course, but cool with it – you know how it is. So I told my half brother to go for it and good luck.

Like I said – Dad’s paradox was a nasty son of a bitch. The moment that it got popped open, Dad,was reaching out – my demonic nature was such that I was a natural for him to reach out to. But Merlin – my lovely sweet Merlin – chooses this one moment of all moments to be all heroic and try and save me from being – well – he had no idea what I was being really – and bang.

I kind of got told the next bit afterwards, because at that point I was stuck in Dads paradox as a disembodied demonic spirit. That bit was kind of unintentional on my part and an accident on Dad’s part. Something had to give in the tug of war between Dad and Merlin, and I guess it was poor old Nayda’s body that gave out. I gather she was dead on the floor bleeding from every orifice – you know how it goes.

So I was in – that place – and it turns out my twin brother got dragged there too – Farrah’s other kid with Dad. He had a body of course – at some previous occasion he had managed to become the landlord of that particular corner of non-existence. And there was this Abyss hole in there too – not quite sure where that came from. Some Abyss hag that looked like she might have been descended from Lintra the Elder crawled out of it, and after hardly two words of conversation she and my twin go at it like rabbits. It was some seriously impressive porn they were doing – if I’d had a body I would been forced to jill off watching them.

Dad has a conscience. He also is a pretty quick thinker. He knew I was fucked – he’d been stuck there bodiless for who knows how long, so he knew exactly what he’d just dumped on me, but now he had all Merlin’s memories to work with as well as his own, and he realised that Merlin had hell of a line of credit with a woman called Ghost. In the last few minutes before that paradox snapped closed again, Dad and Ghost not only got me out of there, but managed to come up with a body for me too. My twin never even noticed I’d gone – he was way too busy.

Part of me would love to know who’s this body used to be, and yet the rest of me really doesn’t care – it’s mine now. I have a feeling it was recently dead when they slapped it into this spectre suit that I now wear – which I have to say is not as horrible as I had been led to believe it would be. I’m reliably informed that I can’t take it off though – apparently it’s another facet of my nature and the way they managed to cheat me out of Dad’s paradox – if I take it off, then the binding into the body fails and I’m gone for good.

So – I’m now part of the Ghost Network – but actually I’m going to be sticking with Dad for a while first. It turns out that I’m still bound by the terms of that original contract with Dara – even after all this, and that is now all intricately bound up with Dad. The sex thing is going to be a bit weird – I pretty much used to be Merlin’s chief slut and now I’m a walking condom as far as sex goes, but in the first instance I still need to play the part of “Merlin’s chief slut” until it’s safe for Dad and Merlin declare the new state of the union. I guess I get to live every dirty girl’s fantasy for a while. And like I said – Dad is a cool guy.

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