Abyss Realms

Conceptually, the Abyss is divided into three layers, and within those layers are found the Abyss Realms. Then below the three layers are the Abyssal Waters, and below that is the First Abyss.

Brownwater Abyss

This is the section of the Abyss which rests against Creation, or to put it another way, on which Creation floats. It is the part of the Abyss that you fall into if you started out in Creation.

For those people who believe that there is more than one Continuum of existence, then I am going to tell you that there is also more than one Brownwater Abyss. The theory postulates that for every existence, there is a part of the Abyss that is adjacent to it, separating it from the rest of the Abyss.

Bluewater Abyss

This Abyss layer is deeper, and it is believed that there is only one Bluewater Abyss. All the Brownwater Abysses border onto the Bluewater Abyss, and it is necessary to pass through the Bluewater Abyss to get from one Continuum to another, if you believe in such things.

Blackwater Abyss

This Abyss is deeper still. It is the layer that separates the Bluewater from the Abyssal Waters. There is nowhere to go from Blackwater, other than up into Bluewater, or down into the Abyssal Water.

Abyssal Waters

There is no land here. It is not possible to form an Abyssal Realm within the Waters. It is the place where all lost souls are eventually trapped, and held for all eternities. Without the blessing of the Queen of the Abyssal Waters, or a direct blood descent from her, survival in the Abyssal Waters is not possible. Here is the opening extract of the ritual that the Initiates of the Waters use to spread their blessings or their curses. If you hear them spoken with Power, beware!

Water is the bringer of life. Water is the bringer of death. Out of water came the first life, and water will take away the last breath. Blessed are those who drink the water of life. Blessed are those who drown in the water of death.

The abyssal deep

Newly formed, and not yet explored at all, the Abyssal Deep has come into being since the Storm, and apparently is located beneath the Abyssal Waters. Mostly comprised of Glacial Abyssal Ice, there apparently is a small Layer of Abyssal Water at the top of it.

It would seem that the souls of the dead have zero buoyancy when they Reach the Abyssal Waters, and that is where they stay, once they get there. This is not the case with the various pieces of material wreckage and relics which are to be found floating in the Abyss. They also sink downwards, but they continue to sink through the Waters, and used to pass on to the layer below. The Layer below, is now the Abyssal Deep. That is where Abyssal junk eventually ends up.

All the survival requirements of the Abyssal Waters also apply in the Abyssal Deep.

The Prison of the Gods

Newly constructed by the High Queens of the Abyss, ably assisted by other un-named parties, the Prison of the Gods now sits in the Deepest, Darkest place, with the specific purpose of containing certain individuals for whom no other jail would be sufficient. It is not known what might be required to exist here, or even if it is possible to gain access, or to return, if you did gain access.

The First Abyss

The First Abyss used to be the Realm which existed, in its own Layer, below the Abyssal Waters. This is no longer the case. Other things now occupy that reality.

At this time, it is not known if the First Abyss still exists, and if so, where it is to be found.

Abyss Realms

The Abyss in nature is an absence of anything. Those who are Initiates of it can, by the imposing of their will, create an environment which is habitable. Such places are called Abyss Realms. They vary in size and population as a result of the mental Power of the individual that made the Realm.

Abyss Queens are the most accomplished at this process, and their Realms have attained a degree of permanency in the Abyss, due to the longevity of the Queens and the Power of their minds. But many smaller Realms also exist, that are less permanent.

One thing that is always the case in the Abyss, is that the true light of the sun will not shine there. For this reason, even though Abyss Realms have light, if you look up into the sky, there is a black sun providing that light. In this way, you can always tell when you are in an Abyss Realm, rather than an actual Created Realm.

Princess Tarassin of the 9th Abyss