Sergi Koskov

Played by Jason Pickering

Sergei KoskovFather: Prince Dimitri Ivanov (RIP)

Mother: Princess Galina Ivanov (RIP) – A.K.A.  Galina Rexford

Alias : Count Nickolai Dimitrivitch Ivanov

Paternal Grandparents : King Mandor of Thelbane and Queen Hera of Thelbane

Maternal Grandparents :  Duke Agnew Rexford and Judith Helgram

Current Role: Grand Pilot in the Outside Fleet for the Imperial Guild of Pilots and annoying Russian.

Known Details : Comes from a Shadow known as Edwardiana and lives in their version of London, although is known to many operatives on the Shadow of St. James and beyond. His background before coming on the radar of St. James is not generally known.  Sergei makes his living on his home Shadow as a financier, although he is better known as a superb chess-player. One of his primary duties there is to assist the defence of Edwardiana against a Federation invasion and often the point of contact for off-worlders.

It seems he adopted the name Sergei Koskov when he left Russia in some haste in the late 1890’s, although the exact details for his flight is still unknown. It is rumoured that the previous Tsar, Nicholas II refused to have Sergei’s name or alias mentioned in his presence. Although he returned to his native land after the invasion of the forces of Igraine Wolfe and assisted in its defence. However with Nicholas’s death, Sergei’s current status within Russia is currently unclear.

Recently come to light is the fact is he has working knowledge of Mental healing magic. Being also versed in psychology, his expertise is often sought to help others dealing some trauma or other.

He is known to visit Inside on occasion and has had some dealings with the Gods themselves.

His companion is one Miss Cicada Holder who sometimes accompanies him to St. James.

He currently wears the Signet Ring of House Sawall and is known to be able to draw upon its power. As to where he acquired the ring is only known to a few.

This fact first came to prominence during an altercation at the Battle Arena of House Hendrake  where he effectively stopped a riot by spectators almost by force of personality alone, when events after the wedding duel involving one William Macy took an unforeseen and dangerous turn. It is also where he admitted to being the grandson of King Mandor and Queen Hera.

Has recently initiated to the Logrus, and by all accounts recovered in a time that surprised those who charged for overseeing his convalescence, although it is not clear if he is suffered any side effects because of his initiation.

Since the appearances of the Timelords, it has been noted that Sergi is the spitting image of a previous incarnation of the Timelord known as the Doctor.


Quote: “While others have their mind palaces, I have my chessboard.”

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