Pater Deorum Roland

Creator of all worlds, father of the gods

All worlds and realms which are ‘Inside’ were created by Roland, when he constructed that which grants the power to the gods. During this process of creation, Randol was created, when Roland was split into two opposing aspects of his personality. While Roland is honourable, Randol is corrupt, yet Roland is irritable and easily angered, while Randol is tolerant and forgiving.

Roland’s early life was spent in an orphanage, where he learned the value of family, the lack of it, and of money, and the lack of it. Eventually he was discovered to have sorcerous Talent, and was given a scholarship to Mage School. He graduated and went into Theatrical Effects Magic, before going on to become a renown Theatrical Director. Eventually, having learned of his real family heritage, he entered politics, and was widely involved in the activities of the outside realm of his ancestors. He studied Mathematics, and Architecture, and also travelled widely in the outside, learning the nature of many civilisations and cultures, before undertaking the creation of Aurellis.

Since the creation of Aurellis the Outside has been closed, and can only be reached by the Pilots. Inside, the many realms and worlds which make up Aurellis all fall under the sway of either Roland, Randol, or certain of the other deities.

Roland only accepts males as his priests, though both males and females serve in his temples. A priest is one through whom a deity can directly speak, and of whom a deity has the potential to be continually aware. Therefore anything said or done in the presence of a priest, may have been seen and heard by the deity also.

The priests of Roland perform marriages within Aurellis, and hear and forswear other partnerships of honour and loyalty also. Roland is very concerned with honour and betrayal, and the concept of crime as a debt comes from him.

Roland had extensively studied the natures of magic in all its forms and techniques, and has incorporated much that is sorcerous into the fabric of Aurellis. This has caused several implications. Firstly, the talent to do magic appears randomly in less that one person in a thousand, and is not governed by heredity. Secondly, Roland abhorred the use of blood magic to power those forms of ritual sorcery that are the most powerful. He therefore nullified this, invoking the mark of doom to come on all who performed what he calls ‘death’ magic. Instead he instituted that ‘life’ magic was to be the nature of ritual, with sexual magic providing the fuel for the most powerful sorceries.