The sky Realm of Caelum exists outside of the planetary atmosphere and gravity well of the primal Realm of Eboracum. As such, normal human life is not possible there.

As a result of this, life (throught he power of shapeshifting) has evolved in Caelum to the point where physical bodies are no longer necessary. This state of existence, where life is simply an expression of energy, is referred to as ‘Master of Form’. Gender, and the process of procreation cease to have mening in terms that those of us still encumbered by physical bodies can comprehend.

Noelani is the Queen of Caelum, and is also the goddess of the skies. The people of Caelum are known as the host, and are an intermingling of energy beings that inhabit the interplanetary void that Caelum comprises. It is runoured that there may be up to 13 children of Noelani, all of whom have ascended to become deities with differing sky based aspects, but it may simply be that these are all simply different expressions and energy states of Noelani herself.