The Gateway World of Murray

Murray is the Sable gateway world on the Outside, and serves as the trading link between the Sable Shadows on the Inside and the wider multiverse. It was founded by King Robert on 21 December SY105, in tandem with the Reich world of Sanguine. When first founded, it was ruled by Prince James, as Regent for his grandfather, King Robert. Since October SY106, however, the Regent has been Emily de Lacy.

It is a ruled as Constitutional Monarchy: the government governs, and the Regent oversees and makes sure that the interests of the King of Sable, from whom she holds her position, are represented.

The world comprises a pair of continents, each of almost a million square miles in area. Of these, Hearadh continent is more temperate, getting actively cool to the north; while Belenus , to the south, is somewhat warmer. Despite the land area, the population density is very low, at a little under 150m all told, plus off-world visitors. Between them is the Sea of Rothiemay, in which is an island about one hundred miles across, where the capital of Huntly is situated.

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