Kelric was the upstart prodigal son of Finndo of Dealunde and Jasra of Thelbane. The two parents affair did not last enough even to see Kelric born, and the tug of war for control of Kelric commenced even before the umbilical cord was cut.

Eventually, the only solution acceptable to both parents was that neither of them should have control of the child Kelric. To this end, he was fostered to Amber, where he received education, training and attitude which well prepared him for life.

Like many of Amber, Kelric was firmly convincd that he could build a better world, and – hey – how hard can it be? Oberon was missing, and in the early days of the Eric regency it wasn’t that hard to borrow the Jewel of Judgement, and Dworkin had more or less covered all the main aspects of how to use it to create a new Pattern in the lessons that Kelric tricked out of him – or so Kelric thought.

Best laid plans … clearly Dworkin had not covered everything – as was apparent when the Abyss Hags attacked Kelric at the site he had chosen to build his Power. Beset on all sides, and defended only by the scant few friends and colleagues that he had persuaded to stand with him in his venture, Kelric rushed headlong to get the job done before he was overcome.

Is Haven the world he planned for? It’s what he got – and it is fairly much despised by those from Amber who have seen it. Bleys and Fiona seem particularly offended by the place – indeed Bleys has at least once tried to launch an attack intent on destroying it (with an army stolen from St. James). As to what it is that offends them – little is known because they will not bring themselves to speak of it, and nobody else has admitted to ever visiting.