Maya Mercury

Maya Mercury

Superheroine Captain Maya Mercury

Psychic Power Godlike
Strength Above Amber
Endurance Well Above Amber
Combat Ability Well Above Amber
Presence Extremely High
Additional Powers Trump, Pattern, Sorcery

I’ve no idea how well this is going to work out, but I’m busily leading a double life. By day, I’m the mild mannered Court Artist of Amber, and by night I put on a Ghost suit and  leap tall buildings with a single bound in the fight against bad people.

I am Ghost’s mother. The ‘new mother’ that she talks about. She is absolutely right about the agony and pain for many of those who laboured to bring her into my final evolution. I can attest to being the one that felt most of that agony and pain. Certainly the labour pain.

Most recently, I became involved in the fact that the Ghosts had gone offline. I helped rescue the Network, and while doing that, I joined it. I guess, we see how it goes.