The Divine Medea

Goddess of sorcery, guardian of magic, custodian of the spirit

Sorcery is found in all aspects of life in Aurellis. Medea, who was born of Roland and Sian after the creation, with destiny in mind, is the greatest acknowledged sorcerer after Roland himself. It is generally assumed that she is the one who scatters the Talent amongst the populace, and she provides the inspiration for the fundamental laws which govern the use of magic. The health and well-being of the mind is a province particularly suited to the practice of sorcery, through the spells of mental communication and investigation. Medea has taken also the mantle of mental health as part of her ministry, through mind magics.

Much great magic can only be performed through the use of sexual ritual, since the condemnation of death magic by Roland when the creation took place. Medea partakes in great magic as part of her work, but seems strangely indifferent to it. She has sought no spiritual partners, and does not engage in any recreational sexual activity. It is as if she considers such things merely a tool of the art.

Medea accepts both priests and priestesses, but all her priesthood are Talented, and are trained in magic. Within the Empire, this means that they are also members of the Guild of Mages. Aequor and Caelum have also acceded control of sorcery to Medea in their realms, and she is believed to serve as Magister of the Washington State College of Magic in the Federation of American States. This is the only openly known example of bridging of the gulf between the realms of Roland and Randol – particularly extraordinary when considering that battle magics are widely used by both sides in the war between the Federation and the Empire.