Kay Venus

Kay VenusSuperheroine Kay Venus

Psychic Power Mostly Chaos
Strength Above Amber
Endurance Well Above Amber
Combat Ability Well Above Amber
Presence Well Above Amber

Will you just listen to all these others telling their wonderful stories of how they came to be part of the Network? My suit can grow it’s collar up over my mouth so that when I want to puke, we don’t waste valuable nutrition. I hurl quite a lot when everyone starts talking about their wonderful beginnings.

My life was shit. There – I said it. I was up to my neck in demon marks – literally – they went right up both arms. Talk about credit crunch – oh boy – you don’t know the half of it. I actually couldn’t die – I owed so much to demons that they could actually resurrect me as a way of making sure I didn’t stiff them on the payment. Of course – getting resurrected adds at least another couple of lifetimes of shit to the debt schedule. I was so fucked.

Then one of the really big demons bought out all my debt and told me to put on this kinky rubber suit and help guard her castle in shit central while she did something more important. That was it really. Shit happened, castle fell down, demon went away, and now I work with Ghost. I’m still fucked – you’ve read about how these suits work so you know what I mean – but at least I get to feel good about what I’m doing now.


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