The Realm of Aequor is the undersea Realm associated with the creation of the Aurellis Logrus. Originally ruled by the Divine Marcus, god of the seas, it has had a particularly volatile recent past.

Marcus was not only gay, he was also significantly gynophobic, and had organised his Realm to relieve this issue. The capital city was Aequor, and was entirely inhabited by men. The second city of the Realm was called Aequar, and was the place to which all female children were exiled upon reaching their 12th birthday, providing they survived the trip there.

Procreation took place when the men of Aequor would visit Aequar, capture the woman of their choice, and bring her back to Aequor until she gave birth, at which point she would be released. Any sons born were cherished, and daughters were tolerated, and educated to best survive the undersea journey they would need to undertake when they hit their teens.

Marcus, upon seeing his companions all enjoying good relationships with sons, decided he had to get in on the act, and joined a ‘courting’ party. Conquering his fears and surrounded by his boyfriends, Marcus was able to get the deed done, but fate dealt a fitting blow nne months later, as Marcus’s first and only child was born, a daughter who was named Georgina.

Georgina survived her exile journey, and bitterness grew in her as the years passed by. Eventually the opportunity to extract her revenge on her father came, and she led an invasion of Aequor, which defeated Marcus, installed her as Queen of the Seas, and cast him out.

Randol, President of the Federation took in Marcus, and after a sufficient time of ‘rehabilitaion’ unleashed the transexul Marcelle on the world, as his Presidential Special Assistant. Not long after that, Marcelle was assassinated, but not before he had time to utter a death curse, with which he aimed all his vitriol against the daughter who had deposed him. Thus was Georgina also cast out of Aequor, and the Realm and the Seas became uncontrolled.

In recent times, the Divine Joscelin has journeyed to Aequor to attempt to take control of the Realm, and the Seas.