3rd Abyss – Blackwater

Formerly in the Bluewater Layer, the 3rd Abyss moved down into Blackwater during the most recent Abyss Storm.

Queen Pele, the first goddess of fire, rules the Third Abyss. Pele was a daughter sired by Apothicon and Lucifer Morningstar togther, and born out of the Chaos Mother, at the end of the fourth cycle of existence. This was cataclysmic end of the Olympus cycle, when Apothicon and his angels and Satan and his devils possessed the deities of Olympus and drove them to fight a world ending war.

Pele recently encountered Enoch the Undying, who was a first cycle remnant that had been imprisoned at some undisclosed Blackwater location. Enoch was an Ancestor of Noah who ‘was taken by God’ and did not die. As price for her allowing Enoch passage back towards the land of the Creators, she required him to lay with her seven times, producing seven other fire goddess daughters, who now help rule her Realm. Their names are: Ognyena Maria, Agnayi, Fuchi, Mahuika, Oya, Nantosuelta, and Chantico.

Princess Tarassin of the 9th Abyss.