Victor Victarion

Captain Victor RobertsFather: Bartholomew Roberts, deceased – soul presently dwelling in Tortuga

Mother: Dara Hendrake

Occupation: King of Pirates, Duke of House Victarion, Consultant for SpecOps

Background: Born somewhere around 1700 a “son of a gun”, Victor has dwelled these past centuries living under a variety of assumed identities and periodically moving around from one country or another when it was convenient. He has continued to amass and maintain a fortune by salting things away in a variety of banking establishments where having the account number and some other piece of information was enough to make a deposit or withdrawal without proving identity. He has amused himself by maintaining off and on again careers as a cat burglar, bounty hunter, & mercenary among other things.

Victor backed his brother Merlin’s failed bid to reclaim the throne of Thelbane and was captured by forces loyal to Mandor. He was given an opportunity to rehabilitate in Thelbane and was given the former Karm lands to carve out his new House: Victarion.

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