Chief Slave Julia

Julia is another famous slave – in her case she is the Chief Slave of Graeme Helgram III. She is the main force behind his Gladiator stable and his slave training business.

She was a sergeant major in the militia for 25 years, which is where she first met Graeme, but she then was brought up on a manslaughter charge after accidentally killing a burglar just after she got out of the service. She took the Gladiator option rather than a life slavery sentence, and then became a professional dominatrix for a while after she won free from the arena. Circumstances went bad again when she got a nasty damges suit from someone’s partner when someone got a bit too mangled in a session – and she ended up back in debt due to the legal settlement. This was the point that Graeme again purchased her from the block, and she has remained with him ever since, even though the settlement debt is long since paid.