Tom Gallowglass

“For the Great Gaels of Ireland
Are the men that God made mad,
For all their wars are merry
And all their songs are sad.”



Full Name: Agent Tom Gallowglass
Current Role: Spec Ops Operative

Shadow of Origin: USA (St. James)
Residences: Currently based out of the Lodge in Libria

Known Relations:
Father: Thorn Gallowglass
Mother: Coral Shores
Time Twin: Tommy
Sister (middle child): Alyse
Brother (youngest child): Lucus

Known Relationships:

  • Two of the four Admirals from the crew of the Yamamoto: Addie and Allie.
    Which is which is anyone’s guess, as they are most certainly are not telling.
  • Tom has an Animate that appears to be crow. Her name is Aisling.

Known Capabilities:
Ritual Participant
Student of Trump
Master of Fae Magic
Carries a couple of nasty swords

Current Whereabouts & Shenanigans:
Right now, Tom and Tommy are training in Libria with Mathilda.

A well-muscled 6’3″, Tom’s frame belies a curious mind. He was recruited, (read: stolen), by Ops from the Marines, where he was either building things, blowing them up, or shooting people in the face. A light traveler, all of Tom’s worldly possessions fit in a duffle bag. The better to stay mobile for orders that could take him anywhere.

More than just a brute with a blade, Tom is an avid student of everything. Whether it’s research, demolition, stripping down an engine, building a bomb, or holding the line against enemy combatants, he’s prepared to get the job squared away. In his downtime he can be found sketching, studying, training, tearing down and rebuilding an Abyss engine, rough housing with his twin, Tommy, or carousing at a local pub.

Tommy is a black clad, bulkier version of Tom. Being a time duplicate, (“temporal twin), he has much of Tom’s experiences in addition to having spent much more time in the Abyss. With the help of his rather affectionate and territorial girlfriend, Yammy, he created via conversion an entirely new race of Fae from the clones found crewing a ship in the Abyss. Often referring to himself as the upgrade or the better brother, Tommy tends to be more laid back and much more impulsive than Tom. He too has a crow shaped Animate, called Aisleyne. The Toms have a twin, older/younger dynamic, with Tommy wholeheartedly embracing the role of the younger brother.


Played By: Allen Johnson