Don Mathias Arnold

The godfather

Nobody knows for sure where Don Mathias came from. Some say he is a child of Randol’s, but he is definitely not Larabelle’s. Others say he may be a by-blow of Alastyr from his days on the outside. Either way, he is a crime lord. If it can be done outside the law, he is organising to do it on a grand scale.

Interestingly, it is rumoured that the Don has followers and links within the Federation as well as in the Empire. Crime respects no boundaries, he says, when asked. Money is money, whether it’s a dollar or a denarius.

There are no statues, and few pictures of the Don. The Don respects his privacy. The Don also is rumoured to be particularly interested in crime that spans realms and nations, and even from Inside to Outside.

There are persons the Don has inducted to the Pilot power, through the use of the various Transport Logri. He uses the same marker system as Alastyr, with unique real carved stone tablets to mark shadows of interest to his minions, both inside and out. Parts of his organisation are now finding favour in some outside realms where they have sold their services to the governments of those realms in return for recognition and freedom from prosecution.

There are whole countries within shadows below the 60th parallel that acclaim the Don’s version of Pater Familias as the chosen form of civic administration, rather than formal governments. Both the Empire and the Federation are in conflict with this view.

The Don was the first of the gods to undertake wholesale genetic research, and is accredited (if that is the best word) for designing the species of creature known as a Handmaiden of the Gods. These creatures are bound to a diety, inheriting their moral and ethical code, and doing their bidding without question. Don Mathias originally had twelve such creatures, and having suffered some losses has now restored his group to that number, but by now several of the other deities are also being served by a Handmaiden.