The Aurellis Role Playing Game

This is the background information web site for the Aurellis Role Playing Game, run by Tim Hart.

The Game is set in a multiversal setting, using a rules system based around the Amber Diceless Role-playing System™, by Erick Wujcik. There have been rule adaptations to allow the game to proceed in an email environment, and to promote role-playing, rather than rule-playing.

Use the menu and links to move around the different sections of the site. The front page of the Wiki contains a blog which will include postings about any recent changes both there and here on the main site.

Info on this first section of the site (under the Aurellis main menu item) is not necessarily in-character knowledge. So you will have to chose whether you think you want to read or not, depending on what events your character has actually experienced and found out. I will generally try and avoid putting false or knowingly wrong information on the main site.

Info on the rest of the wiki is all assumed to be in-character knowledge – by whatever means (blogs, memos, conversations with other characters in the bar) your characters are aware of anything they see on the wiki. However, the wiki is a player led tool, and I will make no attempt to correct any facts that are stated there by characters but I know to be wrong. For that reason – the accuracy of the other wiki information cannot be guaranteed.