Jonathan Fields

Lord Jonathan, creator of Animus. Lord Jonathan Fields
Noble Jonathan Fields, Imperial Office.
Priest of the Divine Rupert, God of Communications.

Known Capabilities:

Master of Animus Logrus
Trump Artistry
Forensic Investigation (Imperial)
Knowledge of the Gods of the Empire, with a focus on Dorlan the Grey.

General Information:

Jonathan was born and raised originally on St. James, but after a mishap on a trans-Atlantic flight he became a citizen of the Empire. He spent several years as a forensic artist and has some investigative background. His talents were recognized by the Imperial Office, and he was eventually given the chance to study Trump.

His dealings with Spec Ops originally began with acting as an ‘advisor’ from the Imperial Office. He soon became a regular fixture in Spec Ops, being the only trump artist they had, and their needing a communications system that could work across shadow. If you work for Spec Ops, you very likely have met Jonathan at least in passing.

During the time of Ani’s wedding, Jonathan became acquainted with the new God of Communications, and soon after became one of his first priests.

Very recently, Jonathan became the creator of the Animus Logrus, the result of needing to repair a rather significant hole in shadow. Since his ascension, he has retired from his work at Spec Ops and the Imperial Office.

He appears to be a rather youthful blond 20-something in good health. He’s traded in his typical priestly vestments of Hugo Boss suits for something more casual and steampunk – deep brown slacks with heavier work shoes, button up white shirt with sleeves rolled up, suspenders, and a tech-looking leather and brass wrist cuff watch. He occasionally sports a oversize set of headphones, and holds onto a somewhat outdated iPod (2005).

Jonathan is openly gay. There is no current companion or heirs at his side for the throne of Animus. He is easily reached through Trump, which are readily available at the Spec Ops office.



  1. Jon. You have saved my sanity more times than I can number, and I’m really damned good with math. How many hours have we spent burning the midnight oil on our crazy-ass projects? How many times have you tricked Time itself to allow us to wrap around to the other side of exhaustion and find the answers neither of us can sleep without having? I was a crazed junky, high on creativity, when we had to patch that new abyss. My mind was going at light speed with a thousand different ideas, but yours was the purer vision. I’m not sure you know what you saved me from that day when Rupert chose your canvas over my clockwork, and you stepped into the Creator’s shoes. I’ve tried to thank you with steel soldiers, ray guns, starships, and theories of the way things might work as we move towards an idealized vision of Animus and her worlds. I’ve given Animus science and music, and the very best of me. I am grateful to her for allowing me to rise and grow in her service. But I am more grateful to you, and the friendship which is the foundation of everything we’ve built together. I guess I just want to say that I love you man. You are my best friend.

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