Silas JesbyPrince of Annihilation Silas is a former head of House Jesby, returned as a DEmon

Psychic Power Mostly Godlike
Strength Seriously High
Endurance Seriously High
Combat Ability Seriously Godlike
Presence Mostly Godlike
Additional Powers Logrus, Trump, Sorcery, Ritual Magic, Necromancy
Current Known Status Unknowm

Duke Silas was the 3rd head of House Jesby. Ruling over Jesby through one of its more prosperous periods, his rule was cut short when his eldest son plotted and succeeded in murdering him. He was returned as a Demon, and then began engineering his son’s downfall.

His son’s eventual death did not end the feud. Over the subsequent times, the two of them have been undertaking retribution against each other repeatedly, and at any given time, Silas may in fact be Banished to the Demon Realm, having been killed again. Or, he may be around, and his son be the Banished one. Rarely are both of them ever around at the same time for very long.