Treatise on Destablising Monarchies

Found on Edwardiana, this rather weighty tome is made from the highest quality hand-crafted leather and the best quality vellum.

Its subject matter deals with the concepts relating to why monarchies are bad for a country, the advantages of not having a monarchy and lists some practical advice on how to remove one.

The writing style is both intelligent and engaging, while the arguments presented are done in a logical and coherent manner. The text also cites many other works and speeches to support the ideas it promotes. These include the Art of War, the Prince, Das Kapital, quotes from Lenin and so on.

It is clear from the spelling used throughout the book and from some of the terminology that the text is written in American English than any other variety. The author is reported to be one ‘Ray Wolfe’.

The book does also have two unusual properties. The first is the book can act as a Piloting stone, obviously allowing Pilot to travel to it, once the book is in a suitably accessible location.

The second and more insidious property of the book is the subtle enchantment that make the reader wholeheartedly believe the book’s teachings and that it was the reader’s own inclination to take these views on board. In addition it makes the reader frantically loyal to the author.

Given that Ray Wolfe is a known and high ranking member of the Federation and believed to be a mentalist, the book’s threat can not be underestimated.

The book still however is still a book and can be destroyed should the need arise.

Half a dozen or so copies of this book turned up in Edwardiana plus one entitled ‘Treatise on Destablising the Papacy’.


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