Richard Lacey, Duke of Worcester, KG

Son of Andrew de Lacy and Jennifer Carruthers

Duke of Worcester and Guardian of St James

Colonel, British Army Regiment of the Keys, and Chief Equerry to Her Majesty the Queen.

Majority owner of Jordan Motors

Known capabilities:

Pattern Guardian of St James
Ritual Magician
Doctor of Magic with specialities in transport/communications and geology
Grand Pilot

General information:

Richard Lacey first came to prominence on St James in November 2000, when he foiled a kidnap attempt on Eugenie York.  Shortly afterwards, he was entered onto the rolls of the Regiment of the Keys, a previously dormant regiment of the British Army, but whose existence was legislated centuries before.

He was invested as Duke of Worcester on 20th December 2001, four days before his  25th birthday. Around the same time, there were major seismic upheavals in the vicinity of Millbank Manor, seat of the Duke of Worcester, but these were eventually stabilised before causing too much damage. It is believed that this was when a full iteration of the Sable Pattern was first Created on St James, with the side-effect that the leylines became inimical to demons. The  upshot of this upheaval was that a fundamental link was forged between Richard and St James itself. As a result, he became its Guardian, on behalf of his grandfather, Robert of Sable.

Since then he has been almost exclusively on St James, with the exception of the year 2007, when he was unavailable to all enquiries. Since his return, he has jokingly described his absence as being “dead for tax reasons”.

He became owner of Jordan Racing in December 2003. The following year, he raced part of the F1 season, after one of his drivers ended up out for injury, and came second in the championship behind his co-driver, Giancarlo Fischella. He remained manager of the team, but not driver, until 2007, when David Lawford became COO of Jordan. Since then he has kept a watching brief, but is usually in the owner’s box at Grand Prixs.

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