Princess of Annihilation Delepitorae.

Psychic Power Godlike
Strength Above Amber
Endurance Getting Quite High
Combat Ability Godlike
Presence Godlike
Additional Powers Logrus, Pattern, Sorcery, Ritual Magic, Abyss
Current Status Under Contract

This princess is known to be the daughter of High Princess of Anihilation Lintra and another woman, through the use of Abyss rituals. She is known to have exceptional magical skills, and is known as the Demoness of Sorcery.

On the Night of the Five Queens, Delepitorae was the fourth Queen to hold the Crown, and was supported by her non-demonic mother, who was seriously injured in the attempt to hold it.

There are rumours that Delepitorae may have taken up an appointment as the Demon Queen’s Steward on Edwardiana.

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