Artur Acker

Trump Description

Artur stands around 6’2″, and weighs probably 175lb. He looks to be is in his early thirties, although he often seems younger at first glance. He has a lean, wiry build, and well defined musculature that reveals there isn’t an ounce of fat on him.

His hair is worn longer than military cut and is inclined to curl. It is also decidedly more red than blond nowadays, and is probably getting more so. This frames a sharply defined face, with a complexion tending towards the pale Celtic, distinct cheekbones, and hazel eyes which are now showing more green, and appear to observe everything keenly. And yet behind the intelligence, there is something which makes him look old beyond his years.

He is pictured wearing a dark blue suit over a lighter blue shirt which is open at the neck. There is an oakleaf pin on the lapel of his suit jacket. He is standing in some kind of vaulted chamber with stained glass windows.

Known Capabilities

Really worry when he starts to look like this.

“Burdened with Glorious Purpose”

He is a highly skilled ritual magician, and an expert on a variety of occult groups. He also has a significant knack for working with computer systems of which he wasn’t previously aware. His duties on the RFSS’s personal staff involved intelligence gathering on arcane matters, and he has an underlying ruthless streak which gets the job done.

In addition, he does seem to exhibit certain odd arcane abilities which bear similarities with some of the more inexplicable tricks that his father can do. This may be related to the fact that he’s the seventh son of a seventh son of a seventh son.

On the more mundane side, he is an experienced intelligence operative. In addition, he is hacker and computer operator of considerable skill, as well as an able administrator. He is also a talented artist and natural linguist.

He isn’t one of the more sporty members of the family, but he is a skilled fencer and he enjoys running.

Until he became a singular being, Artur wasn’t a man who made friends easily, but he seems more inclined to smile now than he used to be. He is still close to Armand (with whom it appears there is a shared history back through various lives, as well as this one). He has been married once, but in the end he and his wife divorced. He is currently in a non-monogamous “Friends with Benefits” relationship with Mahuika ke keike Pele, daughter of the Queen of the Third Abyss, with whom he has twins, a daughter named Konani and a son called Ke’ahi, who is currently a Spec Ops probationary agent; and a younger daughter.

Recently, he has started being accompanied by a silver and black ice lizard called Drax, which is about the size of a small eagle.


Artur was born in the Reich and brought up in the Berlin Lebensborn Centre. His parents are listed on his birth certificate as Marina Acker, German journalist, and Ian Cushing, English spy.  This didn’t help how how was treated as a child, and the fact that he saw his mother occasionally made things worse. His  closest childhood friend was Armand Becker, and after university (where Artur earned a Double First in Classics), they met up again to go through Waffen-SS officer training together. They served together in the war against Sable for a while, before Artur caught the attention of Rupert Delatz and was transferred to the Auslands-SD, based on Sanguine.

He was promoted to the rank of Standartenführer as a reward for his service during the attempted SS coup around the time of the Treaty signing, and was transferred to the RFSS’s personal staff. A few months thereafter, he learned that he was the current host of Loki, the Asgardian God of Mischief. Despite this, he continued to work for the RFSS for some time, and was further rewarded with multiple promotions to his current rank of Obergruppenführer. When the Animus was Created, and Rupert Delatz sent a Reich support force to the new power, Artur was assigned as the Auslands-SD representative to Animus.

His rank was converted to the “Honourable” designation after he truly adopted his inner Loki, and became a singular being with his counterparts from Equinox, Solstice, Leo Rubicundus and Fatherland.

He later learned that his parents were actually Marina, daughter of Dieter of Germania (a realm within the Reich) and Ian, seventh son of Bleys, and Lord Mayor of Amber. Indeed, while he is Marina’s eldest child, he is also Ian’s seventh son.