Bill Macey

Duke Bill Macey

Played By: Kenneth Melvin

Name: William ‘Bill’ Macey

Origin: USA (St James)

Father: Son of Prince Brand of Amber

Mother: Not known

Title: Duke of Cabra

Current Role: Husband of Aðalbjörg Hendrake

Previous Roles: Spec Ops Operative (St James USA), Centurion Mage (Empire), Amber Ambassador to St James

Known Details :

A few people (mostly outside of St James) remember an original history where Bill Macey was part of Special Operations from reasonably early within the organisation’s history. However, on St James, most people who had ever heard of him, thought of him as the head of ‘Macey & Roth’ Attorneys at Law.

Fewer still knew he was Amber’s Ambassador to St James.

The main offices of “Macey & Roth ” (including the Amber Embassy) are located in New York [North East corner of Park Avenue and 22nd Street.]

Last year, a Thelbane Contract was arranged between Bill and Aðalbjörg of House Hendrake, Lintra the Elder’s younger daughter. As part of House Hendrake’s tradition, Bill was required to win a duel for Aðalbjörg’s hand against her chosen champion. in this case, Lady Desdemona Fitz-Hendrake (Cadet House).

At the end of the fight, Alaric Hendrake attempted to subvert House Hendrake’s traditions by attempting to duel Bill after he had already fought but was talked down by Sergei Koskov with Matilda’s help (in which he revealed he wears the Signet Ring of House Sawall) finally reverting to Alaric engaging in a mental duel with Sergei, just before Armin attacked Lintra the Elder, and Ulrica Hendrake attacked Lintra the Younger (both from behind).

Ulrica was beheaded by Aðalbjörg and Matilda took the opportunity to deliver a fatal blow to Armin, slicing him in twain (almost being fatally wounded in the process). Finally, Sergei won his duel with Alaric rendering him unconscious.

Desdemona was adopted fully into House Hendrake by Aðalbjörg after the duel.

At their Amber Wedding Reception, a Dalek ship smashed through Tir-na Nog’th and crashed onto the beaches at the foot of Kolvir.

The Daleks were battled and destroyed and an attempt to destroy the Amber Pattern was foiled. Amber, and Creation as a whole has much to thank those who battled to save it on that day.

However, things change, and his marriage to Aðalbjörg Hendrake has made his position as the Amber Ambassador untenable. Therefore, a process to change the Amber Ambassador to St James is ongoing and Bill will be spending more time in Cabra, with House Hendrake, and with his new wife.

Who knows what the future may hold, but it definitely will be interesting…..

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