10th Abyss – Brownwater

The Tenth Abyss is ruled over by Queen Nemisis, who is another child of the Chaos Mother that came into being towards the end of the Olympus cycle of existence.

This Realm also has topside allies, and has had for a considerable amount of recent time. Exactly when the Queen entered into a plural marriage with two of the children of Oberon is not known, but it is well known that Delwin and Sand have been residents of Queen Nemesis’ bed chamber for centuries now. Indeed, one of the more well known followers of Delwin’s style of Germanic National Socialism, a certain fashion designer by the name of Hugo Boss, is in fact the son of Delwin and Nemisis. And he’s not dead. Trust me! The uniforms of the armies of the 10th Abyss are very stylish indeed.

In particular, Delwin was a right little breeder, and a number of his children that he had on Shadows around Creation where he was spreading is doctrine, instead of dying of old age, faked their deaths and moved to the 1oth Abyss. Hugo is most definitely not the only one.

In more recent news, it would seem that after a visit by one of Delwin’s sons, Sand has packed her bags and left the 10th Abyss, somewhat in haste. Delwin now sits alone beside Nemesis as her consort. And the jackboots march ever onwards.

In the Aurellis Brownwater zone, the 10th Abyss has been one of the most prolific realms when it comes to the salvage and restoration of the old Abyss Empire capital ships. Delwin has amassed himself a navy that is difficult to beat.